Meeting Room Hacks Episode 7 - Conference Booking Kiosk with YAROOMS

20 Apr 2016

The Hardware

Depending on the size of your event, you will need to multiply the number of parts listed below:

  1. Display/ Monitor (HDMI compatible)
  2. Wireless keyboard with touchpad
  3. Raspberry Pi + power source
  4. Rasp Pi Case (optional but aesthetically pleasing)
  5. WiFi dongle for Raspberry Pi

You probably won’t require a new monitor, so you can buy that second-hand (nobody will notice). This gets your hardware build at less than 300$/ 250 eur/ 230 £.

The Software

You’ll first need a working YAROOMS account. Paid or trial, doesn’t matter. Configure it so that it accepts a “guest” login via the Public Access settings.

Next up, follow these instructions to have your Raspberry Pi run in Kiosk Mode (that is, a browser with no tabs/ bookmarks bar and only one page open). Plug all your peripherals into your Raspberry, connect it to whatever Wi-Fi network you have available and open up YAROOMS. Log in as a guest and place your hardware where your event’s visitors can interact with it most comfortably.

If you wish to track their bookings individually, you can have them create their own accounts (via the Register Page) and instruct them to log-out after using the system.

That’s pretty much it.

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