Campus space management and scheduling

A one-stop hot desk and classroom scheduling solution for higher education.


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campus space management

Optimize the use of campus resources and facilities

Understand how different campus areas are used, ensure optimal space utilization, and seize rightsizing opportunities.


Make the digital leap with user-friendly tech

Adapt to the industry’s work trends and stay ahead of the competition. Without compromising on student and staff experience. 


Enhance the student and staff experience

Elevate campus visibility with better navigation and real-time information, enable flexible scheduling, and facilitate on-site collaboration.

Workplace experience platform for higher education

Achieving workplace flexibility is easier with the right technology.

classroom booking

Classroom booking

All classroom bookings in one single platform. Students & staff can only see the campus spaces they have access to. Capacity control, private bookings, and usage analytics available.

desk booking

Hot desk booking

Hot desks, parking spaces, seats in a larger room, or even custom areas: make all your campus spaces bookable. Interactive floor map with real-time availability overview makes reservations fast and easy. 

room panel
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Room panel

A hardware-agnostic digital signage application. Simplify navigation around the campus with real time information about space availability. 

mobile app

Mobile app

A modern employee experience hub for students and faculty staff to plan their day at the campus anytime, anywhere.


A single room booking hub for Columbia University

28 buildings.
✔ 178 rooms.
✔ 110 000, or 43 years-worth of meetings.
✔ 100% reduction in booking conflicts.
 18 000 hours (2 years!) saved with efficient scheduling.
columbia university


Integrate your way to more efficient campus space management

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teams integration

Microsoft Teams

Your workplace, in Teams. Install YAROOMS as a Teams channel tab or a personal ribbon app.

teams integration-2

Microsoft Teams Chat Bot

Conversational and/or notification chat bot inside the Teams Sidebar Application.

ms 365 integration

Microsoft 365

Bi-directional synchronization between YAROOMS spaces & Microsoft 365 resources and Outlook add-in.


Google Calendar

Map spaces in YAROOMS with your Google Calendar to enable bi-directional synchronization of events.

teams integration-2

Microsoft Teams Meetings

Create a Microsoft Teams meeting along with a YAROOMS meeting and attach it to the event description.

zoom meetings

Zoom Meetings

Create a Zoom meeting along with a YAROOMS meeting and attach it to the event description.


Google Meet

Create a Google Meet conference along with a YAROOMS meeting and attach it to the event description.


Harness data for cost savings

Typically, 30%-60% of campus space is underused.

This translates to substantial utility and maintenance expenses for academic organizations.

Instead of relying on guesswork, use data to efficiently manage campus spaces and resources. Track utilization, no-shows, bookings, and many other metrics to make better-informed decisions.


Frank R.

Director of Instructional & Information Technology

"We were looking for something easy for non-technical people to schedule resources in our School District. Yarooms has an elegant design to it. The platform is easy enough to use and we have not had to provide training sessions on it. The faculty staff can easily understand what to do when making a reservation."

Insights to get you started

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