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mobile app
Trusted by organizations worldwide
Trusted by organizations worldwide
Columbia University

Hybrid work happens on the go. And so should the planning.

On a typical day, employees come in and out of the office, change desks, floors, and even locations. They brainstorm, host meetings, join customer calls, and catch up with colleagues who work remotely.

YAROOMS Mobile makes rich scheduling capabilities available within a hand’s reach, in an easy-to-use, intuitive application. Schedule your day wherever you are. Check in to spaces, answer workplace surveys and maintain full control over your personal agenda.

hybrid work planning application new desk booking
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upcoming booking

Booking overview

See all upcoming reservations at a glance.

multiple space types

Multiple space types

Desks, parking spaces, seats in a larger room, or even custom areas: all workspaces are bookable.

interactive office map on mobile
Union 24

Interactive floor map

Visually navigate the office on your phone for real-time occupancy and availability overview.

select a booking location

Advanced space search

Dual monitor? Standing desk? Find and book spaces with the amenities you need.

check in to desk

Check-in functionality

Confirm your presence in the office in a fast and convenient way. In case of a no-show, the reserved desks will be freed up.

workplace health screening

Screening questionnaire & satisfaction survey

Play your part in creating a quality employee experience. Answer workplace questionnaires wherever you are.


Administrator in Non-Profit Organization Management


We love YAROOMS. It was so easy to set up, and all our end-users find it very easy and user-friendly to book rooms and resources. It's quick, has a very good user interface and end users find it so easy. The App is also so nice and convenient, our users just log into it to extend a room or car booking if they're in the middle of an appointment and it's done! So much better than our old clunky system.

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Workplace applications: FAQ

Workplace applications are tools that help employees do their daily work or interact with the workplace. This includes things like email, a calendar, document creation and editing tools, work planning, space booking team messaging tools, and more.

Many companies now offer their employees the option to use cloud-based versions of workplace applications. This is helpful because employees can access their work tools from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

An employee app is a mobile application that employees use to find information or perform various planning or scheduling actions in the workplace. For example, the YAROOMS Mobile app helps explore available meeting rooms and workstations, book them on the go, and check in to reserved spaces. The goal of an employee app is to improve workplace experience, increase productivity, and provide employees with a high level of autonomy.

Mobile booking is the process of making a reservation of space, item, or service using a mobile device. This can include booking rooms, desks, parking lots, or equipment.

The benefits of mobile booking include the ability to make bookings on the go, and having a real-time confirmation of your reservation. This makes it easy to keep track of your planning and ensure that everything is in order.

Booking apps are used in modern workplaces and hybrid work environments, to allow employees to book desks and meeting rooms according to their preferences. This is needed to avoid overbooking spaces, to make sure everything is planned in a sanitary way (especially in a COVID-19 context), and to ensure proper planning of the entire workspace ahead of time.

It depends on the app. Usually, you create an account and then log in. The app will show you a list of meeting rooms and the times when they are available. To book a room, just click on the time slot that you want and follow the instructions.

Some apps allow you to reserve rooms for future dates. If you need to cancel or change your reservation, most apps have a function that allows you to do that.

YAROOMS is the best app for meeting room booking because it allows you to seamlessly connect all the elements of hybrid work: room booking, desk booking, solving meeting resolutions, connecting the Human Resources and the Facility Management departments in your company, ensuring a health-safe workplace, and more.

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