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Rich scheduling capabilities made available within a hand’s reach, in an easy-to-use, intuitive application. YAROOMS Mobile has all you need to plan your office time.

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  • Booking overview

    See all upcoming reservations at a glance.

    Booking overview

  • Interactive floor map

    Track real-time space availability and occupancy data.

    Interactive floor map

  • Advanced space search

    Find and book desks with all required amenities (dual monitor, window seat, etc.).

    Advanced space search

  • Check-in functionality

    Confirm your presence in the office fastly and conveniently.

    Check-in functionality

  • Approval workflow

    Approve or decline meeting requests with a single tap.

    Approval workflow

  • Integration with Microsoft Teams

    Access YAROOMS functionalities from the Microsoft Teams interface.

    Integration with Microsoft Teams

Multiple space types

We are proud to offer a flexible booking engine, designed to be used creatively. YAROOMS Mobile, as part of our Workplace suite, supports various use cases and space types.

  • Meeting rooms

    On-the-go meeting scheduling with double booking prevention.

    Meeting Rooms

  • Desks

    Employee autonomy over workplaces: desk reservation accessible to everyone, at any time.


  • Parking lots

    Workplace parking lot management done transparently.

    Parking lots

  • Meeting Rooms

  • yarooms-mobile-desk-booking-opt

  • Parking lots