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Client Testimonials

  • Claire Gowdey Claire Gowdey

    Global Events Manager

    Cushman & Wakefield

    YAROOMS makes the booking of shared spaces possible for everyone involved, thus it's instrumental to our meeting scheduling process, which has grown more autonomous. Reporting on booking and attendance data helps remove the guess work from our planning.

  • Jai Kasturi Jai Kasturi

    IT Director

    Columbia University

    YAROOMS has been very stable for us and easy to use and was widely adopted by the end users in our institution very quickly. It is in use now across our divisions.

  • George-Lucian Talaba George-Lucian Talaba

    Service Desk Engineer


    Meetings are an integral part of working in a company with over 1,600 people, spread across 3 continents. Before using YAROOMS we had problems with scheduling inefficiencies. These are now prevented in our most meeting intensive locations.