Manage Trade Show Meetings

Trade shows are known for their chaotic vibe and for the massive amounts of meetings held at the booths. Managing the scarce space in a smart way is a key differentiator for successful exhibitors.

Meet YAROOMS for trade shows and events

  • Client Invites

    Send professional meeting invitations well before the event and we will take care of reminding your clients to show up in time.

  • Schedule Integrity

    We make sure that your spaces are never double booked so that important meetings don't end up taking place in the hallway.

  • On-site Reception

    By enabling our digital reception assistant you elevate the client experience and get reports on actual meeting attendance.

Built for Trade Shows

With trade shows and events in mind we offer the following features to make it easy for exhibitors to increase client satisfaction and event ROI.

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  • Reminders

    Notify meeting participants about the upcoming meetings to minimize delays and no-shows.

    meeting reminders

  • Release Unused Spaces

    Make sure unused spaces are released if the check-in is not performed in a set time after the meeting start.

    room signage

  • Digital Reception

    Welcome meeting attendees with our digital reception assistant to save time and increase satisfaction.

    digital reception assistant

  • Granular User Permissions

    Each user group has access to their set of rooms and approval workflows can be triggered based on the room.


  • Request Services or Equipment

    Easily request catering or technical services and equipment when you book your meeting.

    services and equipment

  • Powerful Reporting

    Gain insights into how the shared spaces are used to optimize or resize them based on future usage.


Events Teams

Save precious time by allowing sales people book their own spaces and enabling meeting attendees to self check-in.

Sales Teams

Increase ROI on trade show participation by making people to show up in time and being able to schedule more meetings.

Our customers are the best event organizers in the world.

Client Testimonial

  • Claire Gowdey Claire Gowdey

    Global Events Manager

    Cushman & Wakefield

    YAROOMS makes the booking of shared spaces possible for everyone involved, thus it's instrumental to our meeting scheduling process, which has grown more autonomous. Reporting on booking and attendance data helps remove the guess work from our planning.