Manage Healthcare Spaces

Healthcare institutions, be them hospitals, clinics or even university medical centers are workplaces with limited space, used by many people. Knowing who has access and when, is mandatory.

Meet YAROOMS for healthcare

  • One Calendar For All Spaces

    View and book any office from a central point of access with availability overview.

  • Schedule Integrity

    We make sure that your spaces are never double booked so that important meetings don't end up taking place in the hallway.

  • Works Everywhere

    Make it simple for your users with the Outlook integration and digital room signage app.

Built for Healthcare

With healthcare needs in mind we offer the following features to make it easy for all staff to reserve a room with the needed equipment.

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  • Book Meeting Rooms in Outlook

    Meeting room booking in Outlook for easy adoption and time saving.


  • Digital Room Signage

    Show real time availability at the room door. Reduce no-shows by activating the check-in feature.

    room signage

  • Single Sign-On

    Your colleagues will join the room booking system as easy as they access email.

    single sign on

  • Granular User Permissions

    Each user group has access to their set of rooms and approval workflows can be triggered based on the room.


  • HIPAA Compliance

    We ensure our digital platform meets the highest standards to keep healthcare users safe.

    HIPAA compliance

  • Request Services or Equipment

    Easily request catering or technical services and equipment when you book your meeting.

    services and equipment

Usage Reports

All room booking data, including more than 30 data points on each meeting, is available in queryable format in our comprehensive Reports section.



Held over 4 days






Average per meeting: 5

Hours spent


Average meeting: 2:06h

Our customers are happy with the improvements YAROOMS brought in.

Client Testimonial

  • Jacqui Krumpelman Jacqui Krumpelman

    IT Director

    Aultman College

    Since the implementation of YAROOMS in the Aultman College of Nursing and Health Sciences, its use continues to expand throughout the Aultman system. YAROOMS is a reliable and well supported product. Custom enhancements are quickly turned around and users are pleased with the system.