Monetize Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are an integral part of any co-working space's offering to its tenants. Offering a certain degree of meeting room access with membership is great, but making sure it's well used can be challenging.

Meet YAROOMS for co-working spaces

  • Tenant Groups

    Separate different tenant companies with different levels of access in user groups with granular permissions.

  • Booking Credits

    Define monthly meeting room access quotas (credits) per group of tenants to include basic room access with the membership packages.

  • Payments

    Monetize your rooms by allowing tenants to topup the credits balance when they exceed set quotas.

Built for Co-Working spaces

With tenants and memberships in mind we offer the following features to make it easy for co-working spaces to monetize the meeting spaces.

Our clients maximize their revenue on shared spaces.

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  • Booking Credits

    Allow room access based on monthly credits quota with the possibility of topping up the credits balance.

    co-working credits system

  • Payments

    Monetize meeting rooms by allowing tenants to buy room access right from the room booking system.

    co-working payments system

  • Release Unused Spaces

    Make sure unused spaces are released if the check-in is not performed in a set time after the meeting start.

    room signage

  • Granular User Permissions

    Each user group has access to their set of rooms and approval workflows can be triggered based on the room.


  • Request Services or Equipment

    Easily request catering or technical services and equipment when you book your meeting.

    services and equipment

  • Powerful Reporting

    Gain insights into how the shared spaces are used to optimize or resize them based on future usage.


Usage Reports

All room booking data, including more than 30 data points on each meeting, is available in queryable format in our comprehensive Reports section.



Held over 4 days






Average per meeting: 5

Hours spent


Average meeting: 2:06h


Make sure unused rooms are released right away with the check-in functionality of the meeting room door panel app.

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Our customers make it easy for their members to get access to shared spaces and book them from any device.

Client Testimonials

  • Steven Arthur Steven Arthur

    Managing Director

    Desk Space

    YAROOMS has helped optimise the process and time required to manage our meeting rooms at DXS. It's very easy to learn, our new members require little or no training at all, just set-up a new account/password and off they go.

  • Nathan Daum Nathan Daum

    Founding Manager


    The YAROOMS team is responsive and helpful, and has shown a remarkable commitment to incorporate customer feedback in the ongoing improvement of their product.