YAROOMS integration with Microsoft Teams

30 Mar 2020

We are pleased to share the news that YAROOMS is now available as a Microsoft Teams add-in. The integration is aimed at boosting your scheduling experience in Teams, and at keeping everyone in your organization in the know when it comes to meeting rooms and other shared spaces.

Of course, we cannot ignore the fact that many meeting rooms worldwide are now left empty amid a rise in remote work caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Despite that, the ability to centralize your information remains as vital as ever. Let’s illustrate it with an example of healthcare organizations, who are now working on the coronavirus frontlines.

The healthcare example

In the past few weeks, Microsoft has come out as a provider of the go-to communication solution for remote and disperse teams. The numbers say it all: between March 11 and March 18 alone, Teams users spiked from 32 million to 44 million!

It’s not all about the work-from-home though. As Teams is also widely used by hospitals and clinics, Microsoft has recently rolled-out a couple of new features to ease their operations:

  • Bookings app, to schedule and manage virtual appointments with the patients;
  • Enhanced targeted communication: Teams messages can now be targeted not only to different roles, skills, and locations, but also to the specific shifts.

While these improvements are designed to streamline communication, the YAROOMS add-in is actually an informational add-in to it. For hospitals, it helps to stay up-to-date with the availability of the key facilities: wards, surgical rooms, alternative care sites, and track who is using them (more about the healthcare space management benefits - in our previous blog post). All this information is made available without leaving the interface of the main communication tool - Microsoft Teams.This way, the healthcare staff can do their daily planning, come up with important decisions, and discuss them with colleagues in one place.

We believe that time savings and ease of procedures resulting from the accessibility of information are extremely important - not only for healthcare, but every other industry. So if you are a Teams user and got curious about how integration between communication and space utilization data can help you, give our add-in a try (today, or once back in the office)! 

About the add-in

YAROOMS for Teams encompasses the Daily Calendar and the actions used to create, edit, and cancel bookings.

A valid YAROOMS account is required to use the Teams native interface. You can create it here.

Topics: Healthcare resource management, Meeting room booking system, Meeting room management

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