YAROOMS offers free space management for hospitals

YAROOMS is already helping 50+ hospitals worldwide to stay ahead of the space management game. In the midst of current events, we want to support them even better. Therefore, we are offering hospitals a free subscription of YAROOMS healthcare room management solution, for 6 months. Even if the times are tough, we hope that more and more healthcare institutions will be able to excel with smart planning.

Additionally, to help hospitals and clinics set up in the quickest possible way, we are adding a one hour video conference with one of our space scheduling experts for free.

PowerBx, an industry leader in integrated space management tools, is offering a 20% discount + free shipping to any healthcare customer redeeming YAROOMS’ 6 month free package. PowerBx specializes in turnkey room display solutions, installation services, power and network support that enable technology in the workplace.

There are several situations where space management could make a groundbreaking impact today.

Alternate sites

As hospitals operate above capacity, turning various units to isolation areas, alternate care sites are being added into the picture. If the transparency over the increased complexity of spaces is neglected, a lot of uncoordinated and goal-disoriented effort can occur.

Supplementary medical staff

So far, volunteers and final year medical students have been a major staff reinforcement for hospitals battling the coronavirus cases. NHS even oversees drafting in recently retired doctors, if needed. The problem here is that many of the additional staff get to work in unfamiliar, temporary, ever-changing facilities, resulting in precious time being wasted while looking for wards, or booking wrong rooms. Reducing the impact of human factors and saving time should be prioritized.

Non-COVID emergencies

To increase the availability of beds, elective surgical admissions are massively put on hold. Despite that, the doors of operating rooms and recovery units must remain open for emergencies unrelated to pandemic. In situations like this, it is important to maintain a clear overview of existing spaces, know who is using them, and to ensure that critically important facilities are never double booked. A proper patient placing in recovery units in order to avoid the spread of the virus is yet another challenge to be faced.


Mechanical ventilators are the main supportive treatment for patients in the critical stage of COVID-19. As they run short almost everywhere, doctors are forced to make arduous decisions about how the resources would be rationed. Assuring that the ventilators and other specialized equipment can be accessed in right places, on right time, empowers their optimal usage.

The coronavirus crisis sheds a different light on operational efficiency by demonstrating how important it is to utilize all healthcare facilities, buildings, and wards in the most constructive way, and almost real-time. Without space management strategy or solution, this ability is highly compromised.

Effective planning and scheduling tools can tackle the lack of transparency, prevent duplications and human error, and assure convenient resource allocation. Most importantly, it provides access to centralized information - a must-have for empowered decision making, especially in these strenuous times.

To enroll, simply sign up for the free trial and contact the YAROOMS support team, mentioning that you want to use our offer for hospitals.

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