Tech-powered Office Hacks

Not all of us have a techie friend to guide us through the tangled world of gadget chords or set us free in the world of wireless communication. But sometimes you wish you did because your life would be so much easier.

That’s why today we’re going to be your friend and let you in some tech-powered office hacks that will make you proud and grateful that you are living in the 21st century.

But before we get into our top 7 picks of office hacks, let’s first explain why we chose them. First thing first, we looked at everything tech-powered that could solve office problems or enable more successful interactions in the office. Then, we took into considerations gadgets that could directly improve meetings. After all, that’s our main area of expertise - meeting rooms. But we also kept an eye out for tools that are just simply cool and could be used by some companies to make a powerful impression. So, what did we choose?


1. Smart writing sets

Techie friends aside, some of us are not techie persons either. It’s not that we hate change or the future, but we enjoy the tactile and olfactory feeling oldschool objects give us. We love the smell of a new paper book or that of fresh paper in a notebook. We love the freedom of taking notes with pen and paper - arrows, diagrams, tiny drawings, or just being able to jot down whatever crosses your mind. Why should we feel guilty or retrograde?

There’s no reason for it. All the more since smart writing sets, such as the one from Moleskine, can help us instantly digitally transcribe whatever we write in our lovely paper notebook. How is this possible? With the use of a smart Moleskine pen that you can easily connect to the Moleskine Notes app. Every note you take, every move you make, the Moleskine pen will instantly transfer it to the device of your choice - tablet or smartphone. Bam! Time saved and small pleasures in life enjoyed.


2. Automatic audio transcribers

There are some who love to write things down and then there are those who think there’s a reason why we have invented voice recording. What’s the point of putting so much effort into taking notes, if you can just record what another person is saying? But there’s a problem. Later on, notes are more useful as you can quickly glance over them and find the information you need. If you record conversations or meetings, then someone has to do the transcribing. Now, that’s not pleasant at all.

But imagine a beautiful future in which we could spend our undivided attention on the person talking - for example in a meeting, during a job interview, or during a brainstorming session. A tiny gadget, recording whatever people say and then automatically transcribing everything to have handy notes for later. Well, that future is now with the aid of a couple of useful apps - such as Cassette or Temi. While both these apps transcribe audio, Cassette has the advantage of transcribing audio in real time, allowing you to also add differently coloured bookmarks as the recording is being made, in order to mark important parts of the conversation or recording. This way you can then take a look only at the important points that were made during your meeting.


3. Touchscreen sensors

Remember that time when you wanted to reach out to your notebook’s screen and just drag things around or draw something, but you couldn’t because you didn’t have touchscreen. And then you thought if only you could have something just like your notebook but with touchscreen. Unfortunately that wasn’t possible unless you compromised on some feature or other. Luckily, someone thought of this and came up with a bang-up solution - a touchscreen sensor that you can plug into your notebook of choice and start using it as a tablet.

Available for both Windows 10 and Macbook Air notebooks, Airbar  stands on the lower side of your laptop’s screen and captures every move made on it. This is possible because the bar projects light on the surface of your screen. Since light is super sensitive to every move you might make - yes even with gloves on, with chopsticks or a kitchen mitten. And yes, this would be amazing in the kitchen, but what about a meeting room? When you feel like drawing something on your presentation slide, but you don’t have a smart board to allow you to do that. Needless to say, this is an instrumental tool to have in the office.


4. 3D printer

You’ve surely heard about 3D printers by now, but you thought they were a gimmick or an item to be used in research centers. Maybe, at most, you’ve got yourself 3D printed as a miniature. But did you ever consider using 3D printers at the office? If not, let us make a simple case for you. Let’s say you have some wonderful product prototypes and you wish you could create them much faster - in a number of hours, or make as many alterations to the prototype as you wish. A 3D printer would be a lifesaver for any company dealing with physical products. Moreover, there are a number of useful 3D printer templates around the web that you can use to print various office-friendly items.


5. Video recordings

Video recordings are nothing new. They’ve been around for more than a century. But what if there was a useful piece of software to allow you to record small video snippets and send them to your coworkers. Emails become shorter, explanations clearer, and you don’t have to deal with misunderstood written communication anymore. Sure you can record yourself with any video recorder, but we have one recommendation - Vidyard. With this tool not only can you quickly send recordings via email to your coworkers, but you can also use it for marketing, press releases, or sales purposes. Read all about it here.


6. Room booking software

Room booking software is the lifesaver of big companies that have multiple locations across different time zones. But small companies can also benefit from better organization of space and time. Using a room booking software, such as YArooms, allows you to quickly book meeting rooms, have an overview of all the rooms booked for one day/week/month, and not worry about overlapping meetings since there is no possibility of double-booking. As your company will start growing you will only want to give certain people the possibility to book meeting rooms. With a room booking software, users can be grouped according to their roles and permission requirements, and have access to a set number of rooms. Glance availability for a day, week, or month, together with Outlook integration and a tablet app that allows room door mounting for quick availability and booking, make YArooms your best friend.


7. Humidifier

Okay, a humidifier is something useful to have in any room, not only at the office. But considering that most of our time is spent at the office, investing in an office-friendly one will prove very friendly on your breathing and skin. Especially during those winter months, when the cold outside mixed with the central heating system wreak havoc on your skin, leading to chapped lips and scaly skin that appears to be peeling off of you.

We have three recommendations for you. The first two take into consideration looks, since we all want something that easily blends in with the furniture at the office. You can choose between the varied and smooth designs of URPOWER humidifiers, or the woody design of Victsing 500ml or Victsing 300ml. Both of them have great user reviews and they do exactly what they say. A third option that is not as good-looking is the Honeywell Germ Free Humidifier. Even though looks are not its strong point, this humidifier is by far the best one in terms of ease-of-cleaning and efficiency.


These are our picks for tech-powered office hacks that will improve the time you spend at work and help you make the most out of your meetings. Drop us a line or two if you know about some cool gadget that could be added to our list, as we love to hear from our readers. Or check out this article for more meeting room hacks.


Adriana, Comms. Officer

Written on Friday, 06 Apr 2018



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