The 8 Kinds of Space you Need for Activity-Based Working

The modern office is all about cultivating a workspace that encourages productivity and creativity. Your company is only as good as the people working there, so it is essential to reflect that in a positive workplace. In efforts to create this, many organizations are looking to develop an activity-based workplace. This is a work style that allows employees to choose from various settings to work in according to the activity at hand. Essentially, you are giving your team members the flexibility to select their own workstation, and it's up to them to choose the one best suited for their tasks. Should someone prefer a quiet and private workstation for a high-focus project, they can choose to sit at a more secluded desk. Alternatively, if someone is working on a project that requires collaboration and input from others, they may sit at a large round table or in a meeting room where they can best accomplish this. Team members can choose their workstation each day, not only driving productivity but also reducing the autonomy of working at the same desk day after day. See how it works? This concept is highly regarded by team members as, for many, their workspace affects their work ethic and mood. Providing an activity-based workplace can help your office flourish, but how do you start building this? We will walk you through the most essential spaces to implement in your office to achieve activity-based working.

Formal Conference Rooms

It is no surprise that every office should include a formal conference room. Sales meetings, monthly brainstorms, and executive strategy sessions are all examples of meetings that require a more formal and private setting. Offering a space designed for formal meetings – a private room with a long, open table – can cultivate a sense of productivity and focus that is necessary for important meetings. To open this area up, consider installing floor-to-ceiling windows to help support the flow of creativity and allow in some natural sunlight.

Informal Conference Rooms

On the other hand, sometimes you have meetings that work best in a private area, but you do not necessarily deem them to be formal and serious. Activities such as brainstorming or meeting with prospective clients and candidates can often benefit from a more casual setting. Offering an informal conference room with a more laid-back ambiance can relax nerves and take the pressure off of a meeting while still allowing the privacy and quiet needed for a conversation.

Phone Booths

An excellent space to implement in your office is phone booths. These are perfect for providing people with a quiet and private area for a client call or even focused work requiring concentration. Providing a comfortable phone booth with sound control and a glass door can create a quiet space without making team members feel closed in and isolated. As a bonus feature, including patterned wallpaper or art in the booths, can make it feel more comfortable as well.

Open Area with Hot Desks

A large open café-style area can also be a great addition to any office. With long shared tables mixed with small tables and chairs, this area can cultivate a sense of community and collaboration. With both large group settings and more intimate couches, your team members will have a space to bounce ideas off of one another or simply socialize. This may seem counterproductive to creating a productive workplace but boosting team member morale and creating a fun environment actually makes more productive team members. This area is ideal for informal conversations and downtime alike, giving your team members a break from what could be a monotonous workday. Additionally, adding a variety of textures and colors in addition to greenery and light can boost morale further.

If you are concerned about team members struggling to find seating in a shared office space, this setting is perfect for implementing hot desking. With hot desking software, team members can book their desks and seats in advance, ensuring that they have access to the workstation they desire for their activities. 

Restaurant Style Booths

Another space to include, whether in an open area or dispersed throughout the office, are restaurant-style booths. This seating arrangement is excellent for a quick face-to-face with a colleague or to change up the scenery when working individually. While booths may not be exactly typical in the traditional office, they are great for offering a bit of privacy while not completely secluding oneself from the rest of the office. 

Soft Seating

On the same branch of booths is soft seating. For some team members to focus, they need to be upright at a desk, but that does not apply to everyone. Many team members looking to decompress or work in a more comfortable setting can benefit from soft seating options, such as a couch-like nook with open siding. This space can make team members feel at home while they work or provide them with a much-needed pick-me-up from a minute of relaxation.

Quiet Nooks

For team members seeking the comfort of soft seating but wanting a bit more seclusion, many offices also provide quiet nooks. This space will allow team members to recharge and refocus in private. After a long day or stressful meeting, having a quiet space to gather your thoughts is key to refreshing a sense of productivity for many professionals. A comfy corner out of ear-shot of the main office is a great space to offer, perfect for head-down work or private downtime.

Outdoor Terraces

The last space that you may want to consider for your office is often an overlooked one. Outdoor terraces with desks and seating can not only provide another option for your team members to work, but it is proven to have tremendous health and wellness benefits as well. Fresh air, sunlight, and greenery are all huge contributors to positive mental health, improving morale and productivity by literally allowing team members to get a breath of fresh air. Team members can use this space for working, socializing, or taking their lunch break. Whatever the reason for this space, it is hugely beneficial in providing your team members with a positive workspace.


A team member's workspace can make or break the work they do. Each and every person in your office is different, and your workplace should reflect these differences. Offering team members various spaces to conduct work is key to cultivating a productive work environment and boosting morale. The positive effect of these spaces will reflect in your team members and be evident in their work. An activity-based workplace is the key to the modern office. Happy people are productive people – so it’s time to give your office a boost.

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