YAROOMS Takes the Next Natural Step in Workplace Management Software to Help Companies Reduce CO2 Emissions

21 Nov 2022

Thanks to the new YAROOMS carbon dashboard and workplace emissions tracking tools, businesses will find it easier to achieve their net-zero CO2 goals. 

YAROOMS, a workplace experience software company, is on a mission to help businesses become carbon neutral. Started with a simple room booking system in 2010, the company has since grown into the top-tier workplace experience software provider trusted by B2B clients around the world. 

As a global workplace experience platform, we have always prioritized finding creative solutions to workplace problems. During the pandemic, hundreds of organizations adopted hybrid work with YAROOMS; hence, it only makes sense to keep innovating so we can face new challenges and meet our clients' long-term sustainability objectives. 

Tracking work-related carbon emissions is the first step in what is going to be the new class of workplace software - one that prioritizes goals and gives employees the freedom to actively contribute to them”, - says Dragoş Badea, CEO of YAROOMS. 

All the carbon emission monitoring features are already available on the YAROOMS platform. Workplace leaders can now easily and accurately track their organization’s CO2 emissions as they organize their work, whether it’s remote or in the office. 

Organizations and office managers have access to a real-time carbon dashboard that integrates with building management systems or that can estimate based on energy bills. It simplifies the process of tracking and reporting on each location’s CO2 Scope 2* emissions (generated by the use of office facilities) as well as the company’s Scope 3* emissions (generated by employee commutes and working from home).

The product update also includes an AI Autopilot feature that can assign office spaces in the most efficient manner to minimize energy consumption and boost employee satisfaction.

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