New Partnership Announcement: Yarooms and Vpod Smart Solutions

Yarooms, the creator of workplace experience software, has announced a strategic partnership with Vpod Smart Solutions, a pioneer in human-centric workplace technologies. 

This new partnership integrates Vpod Smart Solutions Vgreet Virtual Reception Kiosk with Yarooms Workplace Experience Platform to help businesses optimize their office environments with more flexibility, efficiency, and automation:

  • Smart visitor management: Efficiently manage visitor check-ins and registrations and send notifications to hosts. Adjust visitor management settings for each location to suit the different policies across multiple offices.
  • Tech-driven reception experience: Offer every office visitor a modern, seamless, and welcoming experience.
  • Advanced workspace booking: Quickly book desks, meeting rooms, and other workspaces. Ensure optimal use of available spaces and reduce booking conflicts.
  • Workspace utilization analytics: Understand how your office spaces are used, optimize space allocation, and improve overall efficiency.
  • Enhanced security and compliance: Track visitor and employee movements to maintain high security standards and comply with regulatory and safety requirements.


"We are excited to join forces with Vpod Smart Solutions to revolutionize workplace management," says Jenifer Rhodus, Director of Sales at Yarooms. "This partnership allows us to integrate Vpod's cutting-edge reception technology with our comprehensive workplace experience platform. The result is an all-in-one solution that enhances business flexibility, efficiency, and security. Our combined expertise will streamline operations and set a new standard for the modern workplace, ensuring a seamless and advanced experience for both employees and visitors."

"The ability to combine forces to transform the way people experience their workplace is really exciting. This partnership gives us the opportunity to enhance the user journey from the moment they start their journey into their workplace and right up until they complete their tasks for the day. The information we will be able to provide back to our valued customers will result in contemplated and calculated change, shaping the workspace in the right way, using accurate data and insights." - Oliver Wren, Regional Sales Director.

About Yarooms

Yarooms is a Romanian+US tech company that has been creating a powerful yet easy-to-use Workplace Experience Platform since 2010. Their desk booking, meeting room booking, work planning, workplace carbon tracking, and visitor management solutions deliver top-tier workplace experiences to organizations in over 50 countries. Clients include financial institutions, government authorities, or educational institutions such as Columbia University, Dedalus, National Health Service, AAA, Dr. Martens, and Cerved.

About Vpod Smart Solutions

Vpod Smart Solution’s cutting-edge technology, underpinned by our consultative approach, revolutionizes spaces by streamlining processes, eliminating inefficiencies, and creating a more productive, secure and engaging environment for visitors, contractors, and employees.


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