Merging Rooms In YAROOMS

14 Jul 2015

Voting for what you want

If you’re not on YAROOMS yet, know this - all our customers get to propose and vote on new features that should be added to our software. Not all get developed, or at least not right away, but the most wanted of them do.

Merge and split

A while ago, some of our customers described something interesting: they had multiple meeting rooms separated by removable walls. To them, that meant being able to expand or contract a meeting room to fit their needs. A curious case, but most certainly not that widespread a practice, right? Yes and no.

You see, we have a lot of serviced office spaces as customers. They rent desks on a per-hour or per-day basis. One thing they kept mentioning is that they sometimes rent the same table to multiple people at once - each with their own chair, of course. Depending on their needs, they could take up one seat or multiple seats. If that sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the same thing as before: something big spread out across smaller units or the other way around.

Compound rooms

As a consequence, users have started voting for what we now call Compound Rooms. One such room is a big room made out of at least two simple rooms.

Here’s an excerpt from the Help Section:

  1. By defining a compound room, the following things will happen on the schedule. Let’s suppose we created Room ABC made out of Room A, Room B and Room C
  2. When booking Room ABC, all the rooms from A to C will be unavailable to book during the compound room meeting
  3. When booking Room A, Room ABC will not available to book since part of it is occupied

Read more about Compound Rooms and tell us what you think of this feature in the comment section below.

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