How Room Booking Software Supports Data Management

14 Apr 2019

We can design automatic processes to take place when certain triggers are set off, we can make apps run together in the background and only show us the final result, or join different information sources to build fresh products. Let’s see how YAROOMS enables its users to do all that.

“Alexa, book a room for 5 people at 10 am tomorrow, please” – Vocool

Vocool is a user friendly, neat application that is trying to push the boundaries of human to machine communication, by turning every command into a vocal one. You can tell your coffee maker to prepare your cup of joe in the morning, instruct your scale to give you a nudge if you’re going off course from your diet, or listen to the latest deals at your favourite shop.

In regards to its connection to YAROOMS, Vocool has used the API to transform the way in which people plan a meeting. As a result, all you have to do is tell Alexa that you want to book a meeting and she’ll take care of the rest. Defining every detail with the help of a virtual assistant, without even touching a keyboard or a display is truly a thing of the future!

Throughout our journey delving into all the features of our meeting room booking system, we’ve discussed what a versatile and useful tool YAROOMS is when it comes to managing meeting rooms, meetings, users, business operations. It’s time we examined how YAROOMS allows you to handle data and even build your own version of a management tool.

What is an API?

The mechanism that makes customized tool development possible is the API – Application Programming Interface. In layman’s terms, API is an easy way to enable two different applications (or services) to interact with one another: create, read, update, or delete data. Depending on predefined access, all or just some of these actions are possible.


If you’re already used to another app, but want the robust booking engine YAROOMS has, you can still have your cake and eat it.

In a way, API transfers all the capabilities and authority to a third party. For example, users can create other users, rooms, or locations.You can also manage the entirety of your meeting schedule with all that it entails – creating, moving, removing, inviting attendees, booking resources, and so on.

YAROOMS offers access to its API on request, to anyone interested in developing new ideas by using the product’s architecture. This is available both for YAROOMS Cloud and Enterprise. With a bit of imagination and access to the API, new apps can be devised, to handle more specific tasks in managing rooms, meetings, users, and so on.

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