Real Time Saver

By design

Having people keep track of meeting room usage wastes time and leaves place for human error. By using a dedicated software you are not only gaining time for other tasks, but also exclude the possibility of double booking meeting rooms. Some of our best time saver features are:

Real Time Saver
  • Instant Booking

    The fastest way to book a meeting is straight from the homepage with just one click.

  • Autocomplete

    Quickly enter meeting details by choosing previously used ones in the auto-suggest menu

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User flexibility

Because your users could be anyone

Whether your users need to book, supervise, only view schedule or be invited to meetings as external users, you are covered, as YArooms provides ways of achieving any of the above and many more room booking scenarios.

  • Standard users

    Regular users with granular permissions, they can book or request approval for their bookings

  • Supervisors

    Powerful role that has the ability of changing others' meeting bookings and moderate meeting room usage

  • External users

    They are invited to meetings by email and RSVP or check the details of the meeting they are invited to

User flexibility

Flexible Management

YArooms will gather all the information you need in one place, and this does not only apply to users, but to the management who will benefit from an advanced reporting tool with great insights on financial metrics.

  • Cost / Income

    Advanced financial reporting based on rules you define and your actual room usage

  • User Analysis

    See who booked what and for how long. Detect common usage patterns

  • Space Optimisation

    Detect poorly used spaces and find better use cases for them

  • Attendees

    Track external people that attended meetings and gain insight into those meetings

Usable and secure

No compromise on usability

With YArooms we tried to achieve the perfect balance between usability and security, so that even though it is very easy to access the booking system on any kind of device and platform and run any kind of task, security is very high at all times.

  • Navigation

    Navigate through the app without page reload. This saves both time and bandwidth.

  • Devices

    Access your schedule from any device including computers, tablets and phones

  • SSL encryption

    Your access is protected by transferring data and resources only over a secure connection (HTTPS)

  • Backups

    We backup your meeting bookings data once an hour in multiple secure sites around the world

Sync your agenda

to stay connected to other systems

YArooms offers a few external integrations out of the box with many others being available in YArooms Enterprise so that all of your systems speak the same language and process the same data.

What our clients say

Check out what our customers are saying about our room scheduling system

  • YArooms has a very friendly support team which helped us through the process of integrating it into our daily routines, and the transition was near seamless.

    Everybody in the company loves it, it’s mobile friendly and very usable, which is more than we bargained for.

  • Just a quick note to say thanks very much for all of the hard work your team put forth implementing YArooms for us here at the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication. From the start of the deployment your team has been terrific to work with and your knowledge and professionalism really came through in the way our customized site turned out. It really looks great!

  • We are very happy with YArooms. It is very easy to use and getting familiar with the program is a very gentle learning curve. The customer service has been excellent both in response and having a solution. Our people jumped on the program as soon as they knew we had it and use it with ease.



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