Features that will save you time

Rich in features designed to increase the speed of your work and maintain the integrity of the room schedule. We enable everyone in your organisation to be autonomous when it comes to booking shared spaces.

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  • One Shared Space Calendar

    All room bookings are in a single place. Users only see what they have access to.

    One Shared Space Calendar

  • Conflict Resolution

    For successfully booking recurring meetings over long periods of time.

    Conflict Resolution

  • Single Sign-On

    Your colleagues will join the room booking system as easy as they access email.

    Single Sign-On

  • Granular User Permissions

    Each user group has access to their set of rooms and approval workflows can be triggered based on the room.


  • Request Services or Equipment

    Easily request catering or technical services and equipment when you book your meeting.

    Request Services or Equipment

  • Powerful Reporting

    Gain insights into how the shared spaces are used to optimize or resize them based on future usage.

    Powerful Reporting

Schedule Integrity

YAROOMS ensures the integrity of the room schedules and make the booking process friendly. Our meeting room booking system achieves this in 3 simple steps:

  • ZeroConflicting Bookings

    It starts by not allowing conflicts in the first place. In YAROOMS there is no such thing as a double booking.

  • Conflict Resolution

    When booking recurrent series that are likely to find scheduling conflicts, our conflict resolution tool will help.

  • Attendee Collision Detection

    We help maintain the integrity of the attendee schedule as well, by warning when double booking someone's time.

Usage Reports

All room booking data, including more than 30 data points on each meeting, is available in queryable format in our comprehensive Reports section.



Held over 4 days






Average per meeting: 5

Hours spent


Average meeting: 2:06h

Saved Reports

Save the room booking reports you run most often so they are readily available next time you need them

CSV Export

Take your raw data to Excel or Google Spreadsheets to deep dive into it and use other powerful tools to gain more insights

Integrations and connectivity

Most common integrations are available out of the box and the list is growing constantly.

Approval Workflow

The powerful YAROOMS conference room booking engine saves your time by enforcing user defined business rules. Users can book the room directly, or with approval depending on their rights for that room. Room owners get notified and moderate these bookings.

  • Booking requested

    A user that requires approval tentatively books the room and associated resources or services.

  • Notifications are sent to the room owner

    YAROOMS notifies the room owners of the new booking that requires their attention.

  • Room owner approves the booking

    The room is now confirmed, time slot occupied and a notification is sent to the booker.


Check room availability or book on the spot with our Digital Room Signage app. Works on your tablet of choice.

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  • YAROOMS Door available state
  • YAROOMS Door waiting check-in state
  • YAROOMS Door occupied state


  • See upcoming meetings at a single glance
  • Find and book a suitable space on the spot or for later
  • Check-in to a meeting from your phone
  • Approve or decline booking requests on the go
  • YAROOMS Mobile App - add meeting / select room
  • YAROOMS Mobile App - add meeting
  • YAROOMS Mobile App - meeting details
  • YAROOMS Mobile App - dashboard

Microsoft Teams Add-in

A desk can be reserved from within Teams. The YAROOMS add-in for Microsoft Teams is available to install in your domain from the Microsoft AppSource.

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teams sc

Microsoft Outlook Add-in

Meeting room booking is available in the Outlook user interface via the Outlook Add-in. An interactive replica of the YAROOMS daily schedule makes it easy and familiar.

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Microsoft Outlook Add-in