YArooms Door

Book Your Meeting Room Right From The Door

We've extended YArooms with a Door app - you can now check the room availability as you walk by it. Book a meeting in that room directly from the tablet (Android or iPad) and see how busy that room will be in the near future.

All at the swipe of a finger.

Drawing data from your existing YArooms account (be that Cloud or Enterprise), YArooms Door maintains the granular permission system you've got accustomed to.

Designed to be battery-friendly and easy on the eye, YArooms Door comes in one flavour - High Contrast Black. This will prolong your devices' lifespan and allow you to quickly identify a room’s status based on its colour code.

Best of all, it's Completely Free for All YArooms Accounts, regardless of their usage. 12 meetings or 1200, you still get to use the app. Without paying a dime over YArooms' already small fee.

Why Our Customers Love YArooms

Check out what our customers are saying about YArooms

  • The YArooms team is responsive and helpful, and has shown a remarkable commitment to incorporate customer feedback in the ongoing improvement of their product.

  • Everybody in the company loves it, it’s mobile friendly and very usable, which is more than we bargained for.



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