Yarooms and Iadea: A New Hardware Integration for Frictionless Workplaces

The YAROOMS Workplace suite is focused on creating a modern workplace with an emphasis on safety - an angle which became incredibly important this year. Our team works to provide a seamless space management experience that not only boosts productivity, but also makes the office an attractive (and secure) place to be. Along the way, we are happy to meet and partner with companies, such as IAdea, that foster similar values.

IAdea is a recognized pioneer in the global digital signage market since 2000. It creates innovative, commercial-grade digital signage media players and integrated displays for the smart workplace.

YAROOMS and IAdea partnership started in 2018. Together, we worked on integrating our solutions, and today we want to share the result with you!

Real-time occupancy tracking

In the times of health and physical distancing standards monitoring office occupancy cannot be a guessing game. As an employer, your responsibility is to adhere to these requirements by staying in control.

YAROOMS Workplace solution offers a seamless desk booking experience and at the same time limits it depending on the business rules. The maximum capacity enforcement is by far the most popular this year: we can help set up restrictions for a room, floor, of building levels.

On top of that, our interactive floor plan allows tracking and managing workplace occupancy in real-time. If the density in a certain office area is too high, you can simply disable desk booking in the zone. The changes will come into effect immediately, and everyone looking for a workstation will be redirected to the next safely positioned desk.

Hardware agnostic, extensible platform

When we say that the YAROOMS Workplace solution is an extensible scheduling platform, we mean it - it enables a variety of room booking, hot desking, assigned seating, and even parking lot reservation scenarios. Our approach to shared spaces is based on flexibility, so the solution can stay up to speed with the developments of your organization. For example, you can adopt YAROOMS Workplace to manage assigned seating and then repurpose it for implementing hot desking policies or blending the two strategies together.

When it comes to hardware, compatibility is the key: our platform is hardware agnostic. The YAROOMS Door meeting room digital signage app works the same on any tablet, whether it’s Android, Apple, or Kindle Fire. As a result of our recent work to expand desk booking functionalities, YAROOMS Workplace can now be synced with even more workplace signage tools, such as digital lobby signage or occupancy sensors.

YAROOMS integration with IAdea

Time for drum roll!

Let us introduce the first gadget on our extended hardware integrations list: IAdea’s Desk Booking Device with Occupancy Sensor and NFC/HID Reader, powered by YAROOMS desk booking.

This fresh integration combines the best workplace management tools and practices from both IAdea and YAROOMS:

  • Easily installed Desk Booking Device
  • Built-in ID reader for convenient check-ins
  • Built-in occupancy sensor to level-up occupancy tracking
  • Broad scheduling capabilities, including capacity limitations
  • Flexible reservations

Enjoy the frictionless workplace: just scan, sit, and work. No need to waste time on queuing a reception, taking tickets or floating around the facility in search of a free desk. The beautiful halo light not only lifts the office atmosphere but, also provides visual guidance to help you quickly navigate to your reservation and see the occupancy status of the area. For employers, the halo can signal blocked off seats to help maintain social distance in the workplace.

It’s style. It’s grace. It’s your smart workplace.

If you would like to find out more about how all of this work together, or are interested in technical specifications, we have prepared a brochure for you:

Download now

Read the brochure and have more questions? Let’s talk.

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Still using makeshift workplace management tools?
Join the thousands of forward-thinking companies that use YAROOMS to manage their workplaces.
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