YAROOMS Outlook Add-in version

YAROOMS Outlook Add-in version

Enjoy the latest version of our Add-in for all your booking needs, directly from your Outlook.

We have updated one of our most used tools in order to give you a better, more user-friendly experience.

Replacing the older versions, this new update brings an entire array of improvements such as:

  • An updated look of the interface (rooms are more easily identifiable, room images are also displayed, larger text column, and so on)
  • Improved schedule view (displaying meetings outside of working hours, displaying meeting details regardless of length, and so on)
  • Easier operation (clicking outside of pop-ups will automatically close them)
  • Better management of error messages
  • Bug fixes

All you need to do to enjoy these features and many more, is to go to your YAROOMS account and download the latest version from the Manage > Integrations section, uninstall the previous version and install the new one.

We welcome any feedback you might have regarding this feature.

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