Creating an Employee-Centric Workplace

Your company is only as good as the people working in it. After all, your organization consists of the team members you hire, providing you with an array of knowledge, experience, and skills. As a result, you should nurture the environment that your employees work in to ensure that they can thrive in it. An employee-centric workplace is one that prioritizes employees, cultivating company culture and success - for both the organization as a whole and the team members at an individual level. This workplace format has countless benefits for both employees and the company as a whole. We’ll take you through these benefits and the best practices to implement this workplace structure in your organization.

Benefits of Implementing an Employee-Centric Workplace

Positive & Effective Communication

An employee-centric workplace begins with communication. In communicating with employees that their needs are prioritized, management is setting the tone of the workplace. Through displaying positive and effective communication to employees, employees will communicate in the same way. This means communication between management and employees, co-workers, and customers. If all members of the organization feel heard, they will more freely express their opinions and ideas and bring up concerns and mistakes. As a business, it is vital to have an environment where everyone feels free to speak, and a big part of that is making employees feel comfortable to have honest conversations. If a mistake is made, employees should feel safe bringing attention to it so that a team can work together to resolve it, rather than staying silent to avoid a reprimand. Overall, effective communication leads to effective work, so it is essential to set that tone within your organization.

Employee Well-Being

Following communication, you should prioritize the well-being of your employees. This can be done in several ways, such as assigning employees to mentors, creating support groups, and practicing understanding in your management team. Work can be stressful, especially during a pandemic. With so much technology today, your organization should have the flexibility to offer hybrid work. This means that your organization would operate partially in-office, while some team members can opt to work remotely. Especially today, health concerns should be prioritized, so allowing employees to work from home if they feel it necessary can make for a safer workplace for all. To further prioritize your employees' well-being, it is important to open the doors of communication so that if someone is overloaded with work or unable to complete a task, they can ask for help rather than suffer in silence. This can also mean allowing employees to have flexible schedules to balance important aspects of their personal life with work as not to feel overwhelmed or stretched too thin.

Committed & Engaged Employees

Cultivating an employee-centric workplace will make for more committed and engaged employees. Knowing that they are valuable assets to your organization, your employees will feel more devoted, making them want to produce quality work. Consider your own life – you likely tend to work harder and be more interested in projects you have a personal stake in. The same idea carries into the workplace. If employees feel like they are genuinely part of a team rather than just means for profit, they will put in more care and effort into their work, knowing that it helps the company succeed. Their devotion to the company will carry out with how they interact with other employees and customers. It's not hard to tell if an employee is unhappy with their job, so if you ensure that your employees enjoy their job and the work they do, it will translate into how they act with others. If external parties can see that your employees are happy and hardworking, they will likely view your company positively.

This ties directly into customer satisfaction. As mentioned, an employee’s commitment will translate into how they work and how they behave with customers, resulting in more positive interactions. Your employees will be driven to satisfy customers, going the extra mile to ensure that their concerns are addressed and needs are met. If you put your employees first, they will put your customers first.

Profits & Organizational Growth

All of the benefits of implementing an employee-centric workplace add up to two major benefits; higher profits and organizational growth. When your employees are devoted and productive and your customers satisfied, your organization will become more profitable.  Employees will put more effort and care into their work, and customers will be more likely to use your services again and likely recommend you to others. With such success, more and more people will be drawn to your company – wanting to invest, buy, and work for your organization. In cultivating your employees, you are cultivating your company – so put your people first.

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Practices to Implement

It is clear that this workplace structure has a holistic foundation, cultivating communication and employee well-being. Still, there are physical aspects of the workplace that can also promote an employee-centric environment. Facilities managers are implementing workplace trends of 2021 to alter their physical work environment to foster a positive employee mentality. Now that we’ve sold you on driving an employee-centric workplace, we’ll tell you the best practices to achieve it.

Office Design

There are several components of an office space that correlate to employee productivity. Features such as open floor plans and windows have been proven to relieve stress. Natural lighting, plants, indoor water constructions, and specific colors can create a more calming work environment, creating a more positive work environment. Designing your workplace with your employees' well-being in mind can drastically improve productive and stress-free mentalities, translating into more productive work. 

Hybrid Workplace

As mentioned previously, a hybrid workplace model is crucial to allowing employees the flexibility to work in the best environment suited for them. Between the pandemic and their personal lives, it may not be reasonable for all employees to return to the office. Alternatively, the employees that want to come back to work may have different needs today than a few years ago.

A hybrid workplace allows for employees to work either remotely or in-office, creating an inclusive working environment. With the advanced workplace technology available today, cultivating a personalized workplace experience is possible. Employees can communicate either in-person or through virtual meetings and work simultaneously on projects from separate devices and locations.


There are countless pieces of technology to help you achieve an efficient hybrid workplace. One of the greatest tools is utilizing a Workplace Experience Software, like Yarooms. These solutions offer features such as assigned seating, allowing employees to book conference rooms, desks, or even parking spaces to ensure a safe work environment. This will enable employees to work in a designated area, either alone or in collaboration, ensuring that they have the space and time to work safely. While many employees want to come back into the office, they want to do so safely. Office booking technology ensures that employees can choose a workplace setting most comfortable to them that caters to their needs. Furthermore, AI and IoT software will simplify communication between employees in remote workplaces, giving them access to vital projects and data. A smooth and interconnected workplace with drive efficiency and caters to all employees, no matter their location.

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Designing your workplace with an employee-centric focus is becoming the standard for companies. Your business depends on your employees, so you must treat them as such. In cultivating your employees' well-being, you are promoting communication, productivity, and a positive work environment – all of which directly translate into success. By optimizing your workplace environment, whether through hybrid offices, desk booking technology, or your office's layout, your organization will thrive – from inside and out.   

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