Introducing the New Yarooms Channel Partner Program

11 Jan 2021

The past year’s pandemic experience has kicked off a new era of flexible work - according to the PwC US CFO Pulse survey, work flexibility combined with better resilience and agility are the most prominent takeaways from 2020, that will make businesses better in the long run.

In the upcoming period, however, turning the new worklife trends to habits will challenge organizations to sync different roles, responsibilities, priorities, and expectations.

Imagine the following: as HR departments and team leads seek visibility and control over their increasingly hybrid workforce, facility managers struggle to ensure compliance with workplace safety standards. All of these efforts diminish employee autonomy and general satisfaction. A no-win situation, right?

Our goal is to support businesses in bridging gaps like this. The YAROOMS roadmap is strongly aligned with workplace dynamics, and very soon we will present a solution which harmonizes HR and Facility management requirements by empowering employees to plan their work independently.

Therefore, the new YAROOMS channel partner program is launched to transform the way we work so that everyone’s a winner. There are three business models for software integrators who are interested in coming together and bringing this vision to life:

  • Referral (send clients our way)
  • Promote & sell (promote and re-sell YAROOMS subscriptions and manage your own pipeline)
  • Integrate (integrate YAROOMS into your own smart workplace solutions)

We feel thrilled to establish fruitful connections and, most importantly, be at the epicenter of the fascinating workplace change. Do you?

Hit us up at to get started.

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