G2 Winter 2022 Reports Highlight YAROOMS’ Usability and Ease of Doing Business With

16 Dec 2021

G2’s Winter 2022 Reports are finally here, and we are excited to announce that YAROOMS was presented with 7 top-performer badges in the categories of Meeting Room Booking and Space Management. We are proud of our achievements this season and want to share them with you.

Meeting Room Booking Category


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The Easiest To Use badge confirms that we deliver what we promise: a plug-and-play solution for all your space scheduling needs, whether it’s meeting room booking or hybrid work activation. But our hybrid workplace software is not the only simple and straightforward thing at YAROOMS. Doing business with us is easy because we value responsiveness, transparent communication, and a friendly attitude within our team, with our partners and customers.

Meanwhile, the Best Relationship badge is awarded to the company with the highest customer-rated Relationship score. It consists of factors such as likelihood to recommend, ease of doing business with as well as the quality of support.

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The Leader badge highlights that YAROOMS is rated highly by G2 users and has substantial Satisfaction and Market Presence scores. Being among Momentum Leaders means that YAROOMS ranks in the top 25% of the meeting room booking category's products by our users. At the same time, we earned the High Performer, Mid-Market award. It is given to products that have high Customer Satisfaction scores and low Mid-Market Presence scores compared to the rest of the Meeting Room Booking category.

Space Management Category



The High Performer badge is awarded to products that have high Customer Satisfaction scores and low Mid-Market Presence scores compared to the rest of the Space Management category.

Users Love Us (And We Love Our Users)



For the 20th reporting season in a row (starting from Spring 2017), we have been honoured with additional - Users Love Us - reward. It honours software solutions that are consistently reviewed and highly rated by their users.

Here’s what they have to say about YAROOMS:

😍“I love the simplicity of YAROOMS and how we can easily integrate it into our Microsoft Teams ecosystem. It's very intuitive to reserve a space inside of YAROOMS.” (Nii O, Senior Business Systems Analyst)

😍“YAROOMS is a useful application that supports multiple devices, websites, and all. It is perfect for finding out the Meeting room or room signage digitally on the fly.” (User, Computer Software)

😍“Almost the simplest integration with our 365 environment I've come across - meeting room booking works flawlessly, neat individual calendars for seat booking... Speedy implementation - we got a thorough oversight, admin training and a bespoke user video to share with our colleagues - I think we were up and running within three days!!! So easy to set up - editing on the map is simple; the facilities manager needs no assistance as he adds floor plans, seats, and rooms. So easy to get help - we haven't needed much, but YAROOMS is fast to listen and fast to help, fantastic team. So easy to use from an admin perspective - it's just apparent what you need to do and how to do it, and the documentation available is excellent should you ever need to look at it (we didn't).” (Gordon T, Head of IT)

Every day, we put a lot of effort into creating a hybrid workplace solution that is efficient for employers, exciting for employees, and easy for everyone. Thank you for your interest and trust in our work!

About G2

G2 is the world’s largest tech marketplace to discover and evaluate software and IT companies. It gathers unbiased feedback from real users and connects its visitors with the right solutions to their business problems.

The quarterly market reports and award badges are issued quarterly, based on authentic user reviews, visitor flow to the vendor’s profile on G2 and publicly available 3-rd party information.

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