The Outlook Plugin you’ve been longing for

17 Jan 2016

When you use your own software, you find out a lot about it. You get to experience a lot of positive things, but also a fair-share of bugs or unnatural ways of constricting behaviour.

We like our current plugin. But we don’t love it. And, considering how many hours we’ve put into honing YAROOMS’ user interface, how much time we’ve spent working on the user experience, it felt as if the Outlook plugin had been neglected. Thus, we set to work. Foraging through mounds and mounds of data, scouring our support discussions for insights and possible hindrances, we arrived at the only logical conclusion - the add-in needed more YAROOMS and more Outlook at the same time.

Book faster. Straight from your regular meeting entries.

As you may know, the old plugin created one new calendar for each room in YAROOMS. It worked well for a while, but it wasn’t enough. Your calendar is for your own time. When we first drafted the plugin, Outlook itself was in a less-friendly mood - there wasn’t much you could do to add to it. However, with its newest updates, it allows for greater flexibility in terms of integration with 3rd parties. Enter YAROOMS’s almost native Outlook Add-in.

The new version allows you to create your Meeting in Outlook, with your own private notes, and book a room in YAROOMS the same way you’d add a note or attach a file. From the same window. Your own notes remain private, while the booking’s description will be managed separately and will be public (just like on YAROOMS).

The new plugin is also noticeably faster than the old one and follows YAROOMS’ drag-n-drop/ drag-to-expand features with more precision. The user interface is an Outlook-YAROOMS hybrid (which will help you transition easier from one app to the other) and it’s dead-simple. Head over to its help page to check out the full specs and how to use it: YAROOMS Outlook add-in.

Topics: Software updates, Meeting room booking system

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