Best meeting scheduling software in 2017

11 Apr 2017

There are a lot of tools that can help you schedule your meetings - the list we are about to go through deals with the most popular ones and is in no way complete.

To properly assess these meeting schedulers we’ve looked at 3 big things and graded them 1-5 (where lower is better):

  • Ease of Use (1-5)
  • Technology & Compatibility Features (1-5)
  • Price (1-5)

We add these grades, divide by 3 and get the final rating. As with each individual score, lower is better.

Also, because the list is quite big, we’ll be rather light on the details and focus on their strongest selling point rather than the whole package.

If you just want a list of every meeting scheduling software we’ve found to date, scroll to the bottom of this article.

And one more thing before we dig in - some apps are designed to hold quick polls in order to decide a meeting date/ time, others to allow your invitees to book some time with you when you are free. So keep that in mind when reading their rating.

Doodle - Final rating: 2.33

  • Ease of Use: 1 (you set up a poll and send a link to everyone involved)
  • Technology & Compatibility Features: 5 (all you need is a browser, so it doesn’t have to be integrated into anything)
  • Price: 1 (it has a free option, supported by ads and their most expensive plan is under $3/user/month)
  • Best selling point: You can create as many polls as you wish without setting up an account

Need to meet - Final rating: 1.5

  • Ease of Use: 1.5 (when setting up a poll you MUST specify a desired meeting length)
  • Technology & Compatibility Features: 1 (all you need is a browser, so it doesn’t have to be integrated into anything; though it works with Outlook, Android and iOS)
  • Price: 1.5 (it has a free option with limited features, but their most expensive plan is under $2/user/month)
  • Best selling point: It has a comment section associated with each poll so you can negotiate on the times right on the platform

Calendly - Final rating: 1.83

  • Ease of Use: 2 - Calendly introduces the concept of Event Types (e.g.: 15 minute calls) that, while a nice to have, hinder the speed with which you can set up a poll. It’s geared more towards letting others book some time with you rather than agreeing on a time that’s best for everyone
  • Technology & Compatibility Features: 1 - Through its API and Zapier, Calendly can be integrated with SalesForce, Mailchimp, Slack and more.
  • Price: 2.5 (their free option is good enough and their most expensive plan comes at around $12/user/month)
  • Best selling point: All plans come with customisable poll links

Boomerang Calendar - Final rating: 2.43

  • Ease of Use: 1 (Boomerang Calendar is a Gmail extension/ Outlook add-in so you do not have to leave your email environment to set up a meeting poll)
  • Technology & Compatibility Features: 1.3 - It’s meant to work with Gmail and Outlook. Despite their being the industry leaders, this means BC will not work with other email clients.
  • Price: 5 - The price is not public yet; it probably will not be expensive, but because we do not know how much it costs, we have to give it a 5.
  • Best selling point: Boomerang detects meeting-related data in your emails and offers to help you schedule your meetings. - Final rating: 2.33

  • Ease of Use: 1 - Because it works with your existing calendar, the app suggests possible times when you are free. Just as with the SaaSes above, people can vote on their preferred slots.
  • Technology & Compatibility Features: 3 - You need to grant it access to your calendar, but other than that the experience is seamless. However, it only works with Google Calendar at the moment.
  • Price: 3 - The pricing scheme is pretty steep. While the free version gets the job done, a paid account will set you back by $8/user/month.
  • Best selling point: Vyte does Timezone detection, which is extremely useful if you hold a lot of international conference calls.

MeetOMatic - Final rating: 1.76

  • Ease of Use: 1.3 - The app is easy to use, but its UI is a bit lackluster. Email / name fields are kept far from the calendar itself and there’s a lot of unused whitespace.
  • Technology & Compatibility Features: 3 MeetOMatic doesn’t require access to anything special, nor does it integrate with other tools.
  • Price: 1 - The free version is decent, and a paid account is under $2/user/month.
  • Best selling point: Paid accounts can set up “Appointments” that work similarly to how hotel bookings are managed (only one invitee can book a slot at one time) - Final rating: 1.8

  • Ease of Use: 1 - Creating a poll is straightforward and the app also provides note-taking features.
  • Technology & Compatibility Features: 1 - integrates with most popular calendar/ emailing suites. It also uses Single Sign On for authentication, making logging in easy and fast.
  • Price: 3.4 - There is no free option and the lowest plan is priced at $12/user/month.
  • Best selling point: handles meeting notes, agendas and action points, which it can also export to your cloud storage solution of choice. - Final rating: 1.23

  • Ease of Use: 1.4 - has a beautiful UI and does a lot of the heavy-lifting for you. However, having so many options can be a bit cumbersome.
  • Technology & Compatibility Features: 1 - Out of the box, it integrates with Google Calendar and Stripe, but it can handle a lot more integrations through Zapier.
  • Price: 1.3 - The free version offers a solid tool. It only has 1 paid plan and it seems a bit expensive, but the tool seems to be aimed at people who are constantly being booked by others - so it probably pays for itself.
  • Best selling point: Through its integration with Stripe, it can take payments from bookers.

Appointlet - Final rating: 1.13

  • Ease of Use: 1 - The app is simple to set up and looks beautiful.
  • Technology & Compatibility Features: 1 - Like most apps on this list, Appointlet integrates with GCal & Outlook natively, as well as with other solutions through Zapier. On top of this, it integrates with Unbounce, LeadPages and Wishpond.
  • Price: 1.4 - There’s no free version and the pricing/user is a bit higher than other tools’. As with, it’s aimed at salespeople, so it should end up paying for itself.
  • Best selling point: It can list an entire group’s schedule and auto-appoints someone to a booking. It also takes payments.

Google Calendar - Final rating: 1.66

  • Ease of Use: 3 - Google calendar is not meant to take appointments, but it can serve this purpose. Dig enough through its settings and you will be able to share your calendar privately, so that your existing meetings are only shown as “Busy”, with all their details stripped. It’s rudimentary and cumbersome, but it can work.
  • Technology & Compatibility Features: 1 - It doesn’t have to do much to integrate with other apps - other apps integrate with it.
  • Price: 1 - It comes free with both personal and business accounts.
  • Best selling point: If you’re a small team (3-5 people), it does the job without the aid of any extra tool. - Final rating: 1

  • Ease of Use: 1 - If we could give it a lower score, we would. is an AI assistant that does all your appointment management for you.
  • Technology & Compatibility Features: 1 - It handles everything on its own - you just have to email it, so it’s based on natural language. Awesome!
  • Price: 1 - It has a free version (limited) and even though the paid plans can seem somewhat expensive… we are talking about an AI assistant.
  • Best selling point: You just carbon copy it in your appointment-related emails and that’s it. It does all the rest.

Rallly - Final rating: 1.66

  • Ease of Use: 1 - It’s as easy to use as Doodle. But it looks way better.
  • Technology & Compatibility Features: 3 - It doesn’t seem to integrate with anything. Which is a shame, really…
  • Price: 1 - Free. Completely free.
  • Best selling point: It features a comment section beneath the polling area.

Drift - Final rating: 1

Ease of Use: 1 - Now this is what “Set and forget” is all about. They connect to your Google Calendar and have a bot in place that handles all your appointments. Technology & Compatibility Features: 1 - It integrates with a lot of apps, some through Zapier, some natively. Price: 1 Best selling point: Drift creates a profile page for you, through which bookers can book meetings with you. Even better, they can chat with yoou if you wish to engage with them.

Which one do you prefer?

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