YAROOMS and Skedda feature comparison

Choose your mobile experience

Thumbs up to Skedda for developing a Progressive Web App (working on desktop, mobile, tablet), with the benefits of its kind: fast loading speed, no manual updates, and platform-specific features. But do you really need to stuff all the web-like content into your mobile device?

We created YAROOMS Mobile, our native mobile application for iOS and Android, knowing that scheduling on mobile devices happens on the go - that’s why your user experience was a top priority. Bringing the rich scheduling capabilities to your pocket (room, desk, or parking space booking), YAROOMS Mobile comes with a simple, light interface. No extensive calendar views, no scrolling, just functionalities you need right here, right now:

  • On-the go scheduling

    Check-in to a meeting or approve and decline booking requests

    On-the go scheduling

  • Room and space search

    Find and book a space with the amenities you need

    Room and space search

  • Interactive floor map

    Always have an overview of real-time space availability

    Interactive floor map

Don’t get lost between pricing plans


Skedda’s Core plan is free to use, yet it does not include flexible customization options, phone video and chat support, or unlimited number of booking admins. On top of that, access to a wide list of integrations with other systems is charged additionally. Yet another monthly fee is applied to payment options (Stripe integration). The interactive floor map and Single Sign-On (SSO) option are premium features.


At YAROOMS, we want you to buy value, not features. We work to understand what you really need and sell a comprehensive workspace management solution which covers all components of the business from day 1. We won’t make you choose between pre-defined plans: our offers are tailored to the size and needs of different organizations, and do not include extra fees for simple UI customization (such as booking colors), integrations, or payment functionalities.

Still working on shortlisting?

Still working on shortlisting?

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