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YAROOMS flexible workplace platform is the #1 Robin and Condeco alternative.
Easily manage people and office spaces in a hybrid work environment - all while accurately tracking your workplace carbon emissions.

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CO2 tracking dashboard
Employee commute profile
Work planning (at home, in office)
Work from home threshold
Workplace survey
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Multi-level capacity enforcement
Compliance questionnaire
User roles and permissions
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Flexible work planning in the Everywhere office

In recent years, remote work has transitioned from an occasional perk to a daily reality. In its “Future of Work” survey, Accenture reveals that the “productivity everywhere” model is used by 63% of high-growing companies. Home, coworking space, or even a coffee shop - the pivotal shift to the Everywhere office is forcing organizations to rethink the tech they use.

Your workplace technology should encompass both on-site and remote work.

YAROOMS enables everyone to schedule their day wherever they are. Using the hybrid work planning module, employees can independently choose their work location for the day. A calendar-like overview of everyone’s planning streamlines team activity scheduling. Meanwhile, the work-from-home threshold can be used by HR or Facility managers to set up a ratio between the flex days and days in the office.

See our hybrid work planning calendar in action:


Discover the YAROOMS hybrid work planning solution >>

Flexible workplace platform with a carbon dashboard. It's only natural.

For companies looking to become carbon neutral, YAROOMS provides a cost-efficient way to accurately track and forecast everything about their carbon emissions - all in a 100% digital, integrated, flexible workplace management system. 

Using the YAROOMS Carbon Dashboard, companies can monitor and report on their locations' Scope 2 (generated by the use of office facilities) & Scope 3 (generated by employee commute) CO2 emissions, estimate the use of office resources, and track their progress towards net-zero. Meanwhile, using the Commute profile functionality, everyone in the organization can specify their regular commute details. The aggregated commute emissions data is shown on the Carbon Dashboard so companies can track it and encourage employees to reduce their footprint.

Check out our Carbon Dashboard:

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Fast to implement, easy to do business with.

We strive to make a difference by creating intuitive workplace solutions and providing impeccable service. 

Our team’s attitude to onboarding, guiding, and supporting the customers distinguishes us from other vendors in the market. Don't just take our word for it - better see what our happy customers have to say:

"The YAROOMS team that we have worked with has been highly responsive and professional. We also find that the YAROOMS marketing and account teams are excellent active listeners and respond well to our specific requests. For instance, they helped to find a technical solution to resolving the issue of beach toweling. We believe YAROOMS' high level of customer service differentiates them from their competition. We are delighted with their support to date." - Richard Coope (Project Manager, Future-Ready Workplace), Dr. Martens

In the latest G2 user feedback-based reports, YAROOMS is highlighted for the highest user adoption and nominated as the easiest to do business with.



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