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14 Mar 2019

All of your organisation’s aggregated booking information is available for segmentation and CSV export. Accessible to administrators and supervisors, the section was built to keep track of the available space and the people who use it.

1. Custom Usage Reports

YAROOMS collects all the essential data that you need in order to have an overview on how the space is being used. Whether you want to see the degree of occupancy of certain rooms, or who are the most active bookers, the only thing to do is go to the Reports section and get the information. The features below will guide you through creating a report.

1.1. Filter

The filtering feature enables you to select only the information that you are interested in. This way you avoid trudging through big heaps of data, a task that can be both tiresome and useless. For example, you can refine your search by date, location, meeting type, booker, status etc. After narrowing it down, you can examine exactly what you’re after.

1.2. Customize

If the filters assist you in getting to the data you need, the customization part refers at what you want to export. There are plenty of report fields that you can choose to appear in your reports. You can pick out facts about meetings (such as title, type, description etc.), bookers and attendees (names, emails etc.), resources, hours of usage per room, cost or income per room, and so on. The best part is that you can check the no-show meetings and the checked-in ones, enabling you to calculate average attendance rate, for example.

1.3. Export

Once you’re content with the data you have filtered out, you can export it at the click of a button. What you get is a clean, compact file that you can make use of as you please. Turn it into graphics, to have a visual representation of what’s been going on in the office. Set up comparisons between various periods of time, to find out the busiest hours. You have all the information, it’s up to you how you use it.

2. Notifications

Used correctly – that is, for delivering relevant notices, and in a suitable amount – notifications can help tremendously with organizing your schedule.

In YAROOMS, notifications vary from receiving an email when a booking is made, changed, or cancelled, to sending a message to resource owners if the resources they are responsible are being used. You can also opt to receive a reminder one day or one hour before a meeting. In addition, similar to a “silent” mode on a phone, users have the possibility of disabling all notifications at once.

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