Allow everyone to book a room

One of the challenges with managing spaces in universities is the complex structure of a campus and decentralized ownership of the available spaces. A central solution to manage and schedule rooms and equipment would grant faculty staff and students the autonomy to reserve.

Meet YAROOMS for universities

  • One Calendar For All Rooms

    View and book any room across the campus from a central point of access with availability overview.

  • Approval Workflow

    Grant access directly or send approval request based on the booked space or user credentials.

  • Multiple Email Domains

    Allow users from different faculties access to the same rooms without double booking.

Built for Universities

With faculty staff and students in mind we offer the following features to make it easy for everyone to book a room across the campus.

Our clients have made the whole university more agile.

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  • One Shared Space Calendar

    All room bookings are in a single place. Users only see what they have access to.

    shared calendar

  • Conflict Resolution

    For successfully booking recurring meetings over long periods of time.

    conflict resolution

  • Single Sign-On

    Your colleagues will join the room booking system as easy as they access email.

    single sign on

  • Granular User Permissions

    Each user group has access to their set of rooms and approval workflows can be triggered based on the room.


  • Request Services or Equipment

    Easily request catering or technical services and equipment when you book your meeting.

    services and equipment

  • Powerful Reporting

    Gain insights into how the shared spaces are used to optimize or resize them based on future usage.


Equipment & Services

Offer equipment and services booking. Owners are notified to prepare the booked equipment or services according to the meeting details.

  • Edit room
  • Room list
  • Resources and equipment

Our customers made the shared spaces available to all faculty staff and students to the benefit of everyone.

Client Testimonials

  • Jai Kasturi Jai Kasturi

    IT Director

    Columbia University

    YAROOMS has been very stable for us and easy to use and was widely adopted by the end users in our institution very quickly. It is in use now across our divisions.

  • Timothy Fehmel Timothy Fehmel

    Director of Facilities Planning and Operations

    Hofstra University

    The students here love the system because it allows them to schedule studio and editing time through the application and sends them back confirmation of their booking.