Implementing social distancing guidelines

In the world with COVID-19 and perplexing post-virus times to come, businesses and organizations will be challenged to ensure that their workplaces and other shared spaces are compliant with social distancing guidelines, issued by public authorities.

Our meeting room booking solution is the right tool to streamline your transition to the new normal. Being a valuable source of centralized information on space utilization, it helps to track the flow of people and resources, and manage social distancing by introducing important restrictions.

The YAROOMS capacity limitation feature

  • Flow of people

    Request users to indicate the number of meeting attendees while booking a room.

  • Room capacity

    Set and enforce capacity restraints for each room to prevent them being booked by groups exceeding limitations.

  • Location capacity

    Establish the maximum occupancy in buildings to make sure that the amount of people in separate rooms does not exceed the overall location capacity.

Value for all organizations

Conduct a safe workforce return to the office

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  • Corporate buildings

    Conduct a safe workforce return to the office

    Corporate buildings

  • Universities

    Manage the flow of students in auditoriums and campuses


  • Event locations

    Comply with distance regulations in public gatherings and events

    Event locations

  • Co-working spaces

    Fight business disruption by offering a secure workplace to your clients

    Co-working spaces

  • Training centres

    Ensure the safety of your staff and trainees by downsizing building capacity

    Training centres

  • Therapist offices

    Lobby flow control without bottlenecks

    Therapist offices