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Manage your flexible office smarter with #1 Condeco alternative - YAROOMS.
Modern solutions for amazing workplace experiences: from simple space management to full hybrid work enablement and CO2 emissions' tracking. Just plug and play.


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Room Booking
Hot Desking
Desk Hoteling
Desk or room features
Meeting services or equipment request
Digital reception app
Visitor screening
Interactive floor map
Digital signage
Native mobile app
CO2 tracking dashboard
Employee commute profile
Work planning (at home, in office)
Work from home threshold
Workplace survey
Space & user pictures
Multi-level capacity enforcement
Compliance questionnaire
User roles and permissions
Microsoft Teams UI

Flexible workplace management made easy 

Any new tool will be successfully adopted in the organization only if it simplifies the current processes instead of making them more complicated. No matter how complex your desk booking, flexible work planning, or visitor management rules are, the end-user experience should be a breeze.


YAROOMS is a customer-voted market leader when it comes to high user adoption and usability. We know why: all our solutions - from desk or room booking to digital signage and visitor management - are intuitive and do not require any prior training. Moreover, organizations that use Microsoft Teams can install YAROOMS booking software as a Teams channel tab or a personal ribbon app and make it available to your entire user base in minutes.

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The workplace of the future is sustainable

Embracing a more sustainable approach to workplace management is only natural. But how to do it?

The first step in reducing our impact on the environment is...comprehending it. And this can only be done if we have data at hand. For example, what are your company’s CO2 emissions? What part of it is generated by business travel or employee commute? Knowing this information is essential to stay compliant with sustainable business standards and understand the areas for improvement.

With YAROOMS Carbon Dashboard, you can monitor and report on the location’s CO2 Scope 2 emissions generated by the use of office facilities, as well as the company’s Scope 3 emissions that occur because of the employee commute. Moreover, you can use it to estimate the future use of your office resources (such as water, electricity, or gas), understand its footprint, and track your progress in reducing it.

See our Carbon Dashboard in action:

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Making the difference with impeccable service

Our commitment to delivering excellent customer service distinguishes us from other vendors in the market. Don't just take our word for it - better see what our happy customers have to say:

"We highly recommend YAROOMS - it delivers everything that's promised. Great service and support, too. I like the constant development - every now and then, new features are added to the solution, and each of them seems to be helpful in one way or another". - Ashley Jarvis (Digital Information Coordinator), Focus C.I.C.

In the latest G2 user feedback-based reports, YAROOMS is highlighted for the highest user adoption and nominated as the easiest to do business with.

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Need more proof? Let our customers do the talking:

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