We’re Trending: Yarooms Featured Among High Performers of Fall 2020 by G2

16 Nov 2020

We are proud to let you know that YAROOMS has received a High Performer of Fall 2020 badge, issued by G2 - the world’s largest tech marketplace to discover and review business software.

High Performer

Awarded based on customer satisfaction-related factors, such as reviews, visitor flow to the vendor’s profile on G2, and publicly available 3rd-party information, the High Performer badge is not just another digital novelty to boast about. To us, it translates as your growing interest and trust in our Workplace solution: compared to the last quarter (summer season), the traffic to the YAROOMS product page spiked by 51%. Thank you for that!

Here’s what customers are saying about YAROOMS on G2:

“There is very little to dislike: we were looking for something easy-to-use for non-technical people. YAROOMS has an elegant design, and makes it simple for our faculty staff to schedule rooms and technology.”

“YAROOMS is an essential tool to support our work and service delivery.”

“Easy, agile and practical tool. The most interesting thing is that you know in real time what is available and for how long the space will be free.”

YAROOMS Workplace encompasses meeting room scheduling, desk booking, and digital signage solutions, and can be applied for modern offices, coworking spaces, educational institutions, or other facilities in need of efficient space management. Our team’s latest work is highly focussed on helping businesses to resume operations and stay compliant with social distancing regulations, while minimizing the need to modify spaces and their layouts.

Have you found YAROOMS via G2? Are you looking for professional workplace management support? Let’s talk.

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