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We launched the YAROOMS Partner Program to connect with like-minded businesses and pioneer the young workplace experience solutions market together. Let’s embark on the exciting road to workplace transformation!

yarooms partners
yarooms partners
Serving B2B clients worldwide
Serving B2B clients worldwide
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YAROOMS at a glance

What is YAROOMS?

YAROOMS is the complete Workplace Experience Platform with solutions for desk and meeting room booking, hybrid work planning, digital signage, office wayfinding, visitor management, and carbon emissions tracking.

What is YAROOMS for?

For companies that want to optimize their office space and flexible work arrangements, we offer easy-to-use space management and hybrid work planning tools with seamless onboarding and powerful integrations - no matter what systems or technologies you already employ. 

If you're looking to go green, you need data to make it happen. That's why our fully digital workplace management system helps businesses track and forecast their CO2 emissions as they work towards carbon neutrality.

We see our partners as an extension of YAROOMS

Successful hybrid organizations are underpinned by technology that streamlines employee interactions with the workplace—in or outside the office. The demand for workplace experience software is growing rapidly, yet the market is still young.

That’s where we see an opportunity.

We want to team up with like-minded businesses that see it, too.

The YAROOMS Partner Program aims to pioneer the market by helping organizations embark on the exciting road to workplace transformation. It is designed with Partners in mind, making sure they can solve their customer’s needs and make them benefit from the complete, integrated workplace experience.

yarooms partner network


Why become a partner?


Unified channel program

We offer a Partner Program tailored to suit various business models, whether you are a value-added reseller, system integrator, or referral partner.


Commited relationship management

A dedicated partner team is ready to help partners increase the value they bring into the market and capitalize on unique opportunities.


Easiest to use workplace solution

YAROOMS is one of the easiest-to-use workplace experience solutions on the market. Over 1K happy B2B clients worldwide prove the platform delivers the expected results.


Empower your clients

By integrating YAROOMS into their offerings, resellers empower their clients with robust tools for optimizing workspace utilization and facilitating seamless collaboration, ultimately driving business growth and success.


Grow together

Our Partner Program tiers - Referral, Reseller & ProReseller - are primarily partner-facing. They are designed to quickly achieve business milestones and unlock greater benefits every step of the way.


Stay leading-edge

There has been a significant shift from resource scheduling systems to workplace experience software. The modern workforce demands more than a booking system; they expect a seamless and customized workplace experience.

Win business together

Choose how you want to approach the market: we have 3 business models with the sole aim of bringing more value to your customers.


Selling opportunity

Take a unique opportunity to bring the complete workplace experience to your customers and benefit from lucrative conditions of our Partnership Program.


Integrate with YAROOMS

Extend your offering by including YAROOMS into your own solution package.

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Refer clients

Send clients our way and earn income from their subscriptions as a referral bonus.