YAROOMS and Robin Powered feature comparison

Plan ahead

Plan ahead

At YAROOMS, we like to plan ahead, whether it’s tasks, spaces, or resources. That is why our Workspace solution allows an unlimited room and desk booking timeline, so that you can start working on your space schedules way in advance. Scheduling a distant event is as simple as making day-to-day bookings: it will instantly appear in the YAROOMS calendar, whether it’s 3 months or one year in advance.

Stay in the know


YAROOMS Workplace solution is equipped with a broad range of historical and real-time reports to enable accurate insight into space utilisation trends and booking patterns. All of your organization's aggregated booking information is available for segmentation and export at any time. Moreover, the stored data can be filtered not only by location, but also by booker, meeting status, type, booked resources, and a broad list of other factors.

Robin Powered

Robin Powered, on the other hand, provides workplace analytics within a limited timeframe. Their basic plan can filter up to 30 days of historical data, while pro plans - up to 6 months. The lifetime activity history for analytics and exports is a premium perk. Additionally, all the available filters are location-based: the cross-section of information is confined to building, floor, and individual space levels.

Buy value, not features

Just like many other vendors on the market, Robin Powered narrows down your space management objectives by offering different pricing plans for a basic resource scheduling tool, a more elaborate people-oriented system, and an advanced workplace management solution. The more functionalities you need, the more you pay, repeatedly having to calculate the justification of cost and expected ROI.

Meanwhile, the pricing strategy at YAROOMS is value-based, allowing us to straightforwardly sell a comprehensive workspace management solution, covering the specifics of your business. We base our offers on the size and needs of different organizations, and don’t charge extra for the user permissions or integrations.

Still working on shortlisting?

Still working on shortlisting?

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