Case Study: Implementing Yarooms via Microsoft Teams

5 Oct 2020

When you invest in a new workplace management platform, it’s in your best interest to make sure that the solution is put into action fastly and efficiently, and can quickly show the ROI. The system’s interoperability and potency to blend into the existing IT infrastructure can significantly reduce the implementation time. Because of that, YAROOMS offers many integrations with the most popular enterprise tech, and is constantly working on growing the list.

As a Microsoft partner, we made the Teams and YAROOMS integration available this March - a perplexing, yet remarkable month for both sides, as well as our customers.

The Breaking Point

When Microsoft announced Teams in 2016, they entered a collaborative business software market largely controlled by Slack, as well as Google, Zoom, Cisco, and other video conferencing tools. Up until the coronavirus pandemic, Teams grew at a gradual pace, adding new features along the way. Then, in 2020, in parallel with global lockdowns, the platform skyrocketed, reaching 44 million active users by March and 75 million by April.

With the help of tools like Teams, organizations around the world were able to swiftly adapt to the sudden shift towards remote work. However, setting up telecommuting structures was not the only challenge for businesses to solve - workforce re-entry to the office was the next one on the list.

It kept us up at night, too, shifting our primary focus towards a safe workplace. Since this spring, the YAROOMS offering has been enriched with innovations focusing on gradual return, flexible working environment, capacity limitations, and physical distancing measures.

Back to Work in 7 Days

Slowly but surely, now it’s the time to get back to the office desks. We are proud to see that the YAROOMS Workplace Solution helps our customers organize and manage this unprecedented move without stress and unnecessary hassle, such as setting up complicated systems or learning to navigate a new user interface.

Here’s an example: by implementing the YAROOMS Workplace solution via Microsoft Teams, our Italian customer safely brought 2000 employees back to the office in 13 locations across the country. All of this was made possible within 7 days from the first contact.

Leveraging the technologies which were already in place (Teams application and Azure AD for client authentication) helped us save a lot of time which is usually spent in the implementation process. Additionally, the system was instantly available for end users through an already familiar Teams UI. No training, no long help pages to read.

Seeking for efficiency, the YAROOMS team is currently working on a channel partner program to enable more integrations and offer working solutions to reopen offices safely.

If you are a Microsoft Teams user and would like to set up a YAROOMS solution, reach out to us by filling in this questionnaire.

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