Smartway2 alternative: YAROOMS

In search of a truly hybrid workplace solution? Consider the #1 Smartway2 alternative: YAROOMS.

Effortless workplace scheduling, visitor management, hybrid work planning - all while accurately tracking the workplace CO2 emissions.


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Room Booking
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Digital reception kiosk app
Visitor screening
Interactive floor map
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Native mobile app
CO2 tracking dashboard
Employee commute profile
Work planning (at home, in office)
Work from home threshold
Workplace survey
Space & user pictures
Multi-level capacity enforcement
Compliance questionnaire
User roles and permissions
Microsoft Teams UI

Can workplace scheduling be compatible with employee autonomy?

Our answer is yes.

Many workplace scheduling tools on the market enable in-office or remote work on request, which has to be approved by the supervisor. Such a workflow helps to control the physical presence and reduce health risks, but it’s not a long-term solution for companies aiming at a full hybrid workplace experience. After all, its essence is employee autonomy.

The YAROOMS hybrid work planning software  allows employees to independently decide where they want to work on a given day, week, or another timeframe. Additionally, a calendar-like overview of the colleagues’ work arrangements (and their location in the office) is useful for those who plan collaborative activities.

Catering to the need for demand control, we offer the work from home threshold feature. Managers can use it to limit the on-site presence, for example, to 20% per month. In this case, without compromising decision autonomy, employees will be asked to plan their work so that 20% of everyone’s time is spent in the office and 80% - at home.

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Empowering sustainable workplaces

The YAROOMS Carbon Dashboard allows companies to monitor and report on the location’s CO2 Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions. You can estimate the future use of office resources as well as their CO2 footprint, and start reducing it.

Meanwhile, with the Commute profile, employees can indicate their commute information (for example, the distance they travel or the transport they use) and change these details if they chose a different way of traveling to work. The aggregated commute emissions data appears on the Carbon Dashboard so companies can track it and incentivize employees to reduce their commute footprint.

See the YAROOMS sustainability features in action:

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How much workplace scheduling will cost your ogranization?

Our pricing strategy is straightforward and transparent. The Corporate and Enterprise plans are based on the size of your organization and the value YAROOMS brings to it. They cater to different business needs, be it basic workplace scheduling, hybrid work enablement, or CO2 tracking. It’s simple: just pick one and pay for the features you need.

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