Meeting room scheduling software

YArooms is a web based meeting room booking a software package that makes it easy for you to manage rooms and resources and to book a room anywhere, even if it is in a different time zone or location.

YArooms effectively does away with the possibility of double booked rooms thanks to its efficient and advanced features. With access by permission, your workforce can easily see what is available, where and when.

YArooms can be used for much more than booking meetings, and is widely used for fleet management, real estate management, resource allocation and more.

New functionality

We are constantly updating the YArooms meeting room booking software and the system is now compatible with Highrise, which is widely used in many businesses. The web-based booking software allows for interaction with Android and iPhone applications, and is usable remotely for added versatility.

Financial reporting that allows for accurate cost and revenue analysis on an at-a-glance basis is a further reason for using YArooms conference room booking software, and we are adding further connectivity and compatibility all the time.

Real Time Saver

YArooms web based meeting room software is a real time saver, with the drag and drop, Smart Search engine and occupation preview offering quick and simple identification and booking of rooms and resources. The color coding is easy to follow and gives an at-a-glance picture of availability.

User Flexibility

YArooms meeting room booking software can be used by multiple persons, each of whom can be assigned a set of permissions by the manager. You can assign specific people to certain time zones and locations, they can send and receive invites, and see what is being used when, and much more besides.

Easy Planning

As each room has an assigned location or time zone booking the right place for your meeting is simple, and the allocation of resources takes mere seconds to perform. YArooms meeting room booking software offers four different screen layouts for added ease of use.

Usable and secure

All information stored on YArooms the web based booking software is safe and secure, and will only be viewed by those with a need to know. Data is backed up automatically on an hourly basis, and access is only by a secure https connection and a top-level security certificate.

Room booking & resources management - Use case scenarios