YAROOMS Update - New Features Added

9 May 2019

First of all, here’s the changelog:

  • Daily view pagination
  • My Bookings iCal feed
  • iCal for recurrence
  • iCal for deletion
  • “Password changed” notification
  • “Account was suspended/unsuspended” notification

Now let’s dig into each one of them.

Daily view pagination

When you have a lot of rooms to oversee or keep up with, it might be difficult to scroll through them until you reach the one that interests you. This is why YAROOMS now features pagination in the Daily view mode. The limit for each page is set at 20 rooms, for quick visualization and fluidity of navigation.

The pagination component also comes in handy when accessing YAROOMS from a device with modest capabilities. The new type of room visualization in the Daily view mode requires less resources, maintaining an overall smooth user journey. YAROOMS remains accessible from all types of devices, without compromising functionality.

My Bookings iCal feed

In YAROOMS, every integration with an external calendar is done via an iCal feed. In this sense, it is important that the options for the feed to cover various necessities. This update brings a new iCal feed type to YAROOMS users.

It’s called “My Bookings” and you can find it right next to the other feeds, in the Integrations section of the application. Generating this type of feed will export solely meetings created by the respective user. It is capped at 500 upcoming meetings.

iCal for recurrence

By implementing this feature, YAROOMS makes sure that users of external calendars (such as Outlook, for example) receive all the details regarding a recurring meeting. The iCal will transmit full recurrency details, while also populating the respective dates in the external calendars. No need to send invites for each instance of the meeting anymore!

iCal for deletion

Until now, if a user was invited to a meeting, which later got canceled and deleted, said meeting would not get erased from the invitee’s calendar (e.g. Google, Outlook) as well. Until now. Because with the addition of this new process, YAROOMS knows to remove the entry of a deleted meeting from every attendee’s calendar. This way, no one remains out of the loop, and there’s no clutter piling up the calendars.

New notifications

The Administrator user type is the one that has full access to the application. Any administrator can go into the management section to create new locations, rooms, resources etc., or to the billing one to get financial information. More importantly, this type of user is the only one that can modify another user’s account settings or meeting details.

As a result, it’s important that every user is aware of the state of his/her account. For transparency purposes, administrators can now choose to send notifications to users whose passwords were changed. Moreover, users will also be notified when their account has been suspended or reactivated.

Enjoy the new features!

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