Using Work planning to enable hybrid work

This article explains what is Work planning and how it helps implement hybrid work.

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1. Activating Work planning

2. How does it work

1. Activating Work planning

The Planning option can be enabled at the User Group level.
Navigate to Settings → Manage Users → Groups → click on the name of the group you want to enable planning for → Planning tab. From there, you can activate the option. All users within that group will then have access to this feature.

Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 14.13.45 

If you do not see the Work planning module (tab) in your YAROOMS account, it is likely that this module is not available for your subscription. To get started with Work planning, please get in touch with

2. How does it work

The Work planning module empowers organizations to define the hybrid work planning behaviour and allows employees set up their schedules and specify when they are planning to work at home, when - in the office. 

Depending on the user's planning status, YAROOMS will make some assumptions regarding the way each user should interact with the reservable resources:

Status Assumption
In the office A desk booking is required / Other space reservations are possible.
Work from home No desk booking or other in-office reservation is needed.
Out of office No desk booking or other in-office reservation is needed.

In their calendar, the users can see their daily planning statuses as well as check if any further action is required: 

  • Planning is Set (! icon - action required)
  • Planning is Settled ( ✓ icon - no action required)

book my desk-1

Set means that planning status has been chosen (office / home / vacation).

Settled means that planning status has been chosen and the user's booking status corresponds to the planning:

  • In case planning status is "In the office", at least one workspace should be booked.
  • In case planning status is "Work from home", there should not be any space bookings. 

YAROOMS uses the "Set" and "Settled" options to decide whether a notification with the alert to correct the booking (create/cancel them) should be sent to the user in the morning.

If you are a YAROOMS user looking for information about planning your work, read this article.

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