Satisfaction report

This article explains how to use the satisfaction report in the Workplace Analytics section.

The satisfaction report contains employee feedback about their visit to the office. It is generated from the results of satisfaction survey, sent to users after their booking. 

If you are an Administrator looking for guidance how to activate the satisfaction survey, read this article

If you are looking for information how to export the workplace Analytics details, read this article.

Using satisfaction report

To access the satisfaction report, go to Workplace → Analytics → Satisfaction. 

Narrow down the results by specifying:

  • Time interval ("Date between" tab)
  • Location
  • User group
  • User

Information will populate the page.

In the chart, you will be able to see the average daily user satisfaction during the specified time interval. 

The statistics below will show aggregate information about:

  • The total number of surveys answered;
  • Answer rate for the selected period;
  • Average satisfaction (1 - terrible, 5 - excellent);
  • Number of answers with additional details (users can not only grade their satisfaction, but also leave a short comment).

Scroll down the page to see the answer details for each user and read their comments.