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How to securely check-in via reception.

This article explains how employees can securely check-in using reception devices.


If you are an Administrator looking for information how to set up a reception device, read this article.

To check-in via reception, you need to have a confirmed space booking for that day.

Select "Check-in" option on your reception tablet/lobby kiosk. Then, scan the QR code (you've received it in the booking confirmation email) with the reception device. That's it - you have successfully confirmed your presence in the office!

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Meanwhile, to register, visitors should press the "Check-in" button and select "I don't have a QR code" option.

Check-in process via reception slightly differs from the check-in process at the desk.

Check-in at the desk only applies to a single desk booking.

When performing the check-in from the reception device, you will be automatically checked-in to the next desk booking you have that day.

However, if your next booking is in a room, you won't be checked-in automatically. Your check-in will be mentioned in the Analytics Daily Presence.