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Visitor registration

This article explains the visitor registration process; how visitors are added to the daily presence report, and go through the health screening process.

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1. Visitor registration and health screening

2. Daily presence report


If you are an Administrator looking for information how to set up a reception device, read this article.

1. Visitor registration and health screening

To register, visitors should open the digital reception application and press "Register as a visitor".  Then, they will be requested to provide their contact details.


The next step is health screening. Visitors will be requested to answer a short compliance questionnaire or provide some additional details.


Afterwards, visitors will be asked to specify who they are meeting with - their contact person in the office. The indicated person will receive a notification about the visitor's arrival. This step is optional and can be skipped. That's it - visitor registration is complete.


2. Daily presence report

All registered visitors will appear in the daily presence report (Workplace → Analytics → Daily presence). This way, Administrators will be able to obtain the list of visitors who have been present at the office on a particular day and see their contact details, screening questionnaire status, and registration time.