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How to set up a reception device

This article explains how to set up a digital reception device (tablet).

Follow the steps below to set up a reception device:

Step 1

Open the YAROOMS web app and go to Visitor Management menu → Digital Reception

Step 2

After pressing “Configure”, you will see a list of all available configured devices. You can filter them by name, location, and status (active or inactive). To set up a new device, click Add+ in the bottom right corner. 

Step 3

Click “Show QR Code”

Step 4

Open the YAROOMS Reception app on your tablet and press the button to scan the QR code from the web app.

digital reception app - register a device

Step 5

You scanned the QR code, so the tablet is now connected. Let’s get back to the web app and edit the device’s configuration.

After scanning the QR code with a tablet, hit Continue in the web app. Now it’s time to edit the device’s configuration. In the ‘Details’ tab, you can assign your device a name (for easier managing and search purposes), link it to a location, select a supported language (at the moment, only English is available. More languages to come in the future releases.) and enable contact search.

Step 6

In the ‘Design’ tab, you can adjust the device’s interface to your organization’s branding.

digital reception app_edit

That's it, everything is ready! The newly added device (Reception #1) will appear in the devices list, with an ‘Active’ state.