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How to manage your details

This article explains how to users can manage their details, password, notification, and commute settings.

To manage your details, go to Account (click on your photo, bottom left corner) → My account. Here you can manage your user details and preferences, change your password, disable/enable specific notifications, and set up your commute profile.

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1. Managing details and passwords

2. Managing security settingss

3. Managing notification settings

1. Managing details and passwords

The Details field allows every user to modify their name and define the following preferences:

  • Time format (default, militaty, AM/PM);
  • Default view (map, timeline, etc.);
  • First weekday (Monday or Sunday);
  • Language (besides English, YAROOMS currently supports German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Ukrainian, and Italian languages).

The user's email address can only be modified by Administrators.

2. Managing security settings

Users can change their account passwords in the Security tab. Additionally, this is where you can activate 2-Factor Authentication, utilizing a third-party applications such as Google Authenticator, thereby enhancing the security of the login process.

3. Managing notification settings

If you would like to disable (or enable previously disabled) notifications, use the Notifications tab. Here you can find the full list of all email notifications sent by YAROOMS - from booking confirmations to reminders - and define your preferences towards them.

4. Managing commute settings

If your commute settings are active, you can create and customize your Commute profile in this section. For further information on commute profiles, please refer to this article.