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How to check-in/out

This article explains how to check in to your reserved desk or room.

If you are an administrator looking to change the check-in options, please read this article.

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1. Scanning a QR code (YAROOMS Mobile application)

2. Simple check-in (YAROOMS Web / Teams / Mobile)

3. Geo-fenced check-in (YAROOMS Web / Teams / Mobile)

4. What happens if I don't check in?

1. Scanning a QR code (YAROOMS Mobile app)

You can check-in to your booked space by scanning the unique space’s QR code with the YAROOMS Mobile app. Read this article for more information.


2. Simple check-in (YAROOMS Web / Teams / Mobile)

To check-in to spaces directly from your browser or another web-enabled interface, open the YAROOMS web application, go to Workplace → Map, select the space you reserved, and press the “Check-in” button.

MArketing check in

You can also go to the Workplace → Bookings and check-in on the booking details page:

booking details

The same process applies when checking out.

3. Geo-fenced check-in (YAROOMS Web / Teams / Mobile)

If your organization has the geo-fenced check-in strategy enabled, you will only be able to complete the check-in within the set radius from the office (for example, 50 meters).

With this strategy, the check-in process is similar to simple check-in with just one additional step: you need to allow the location permission for the app on your device.

4. What happens if I don't check in?

If you don't check in to a booked space, your reservation will be cancelled once the configurable amount of time passes. You will also receive a cancelation notification.