How to configure check-in/out

This article explains how to activate the check-in/out functionality.

If you are an end-user looking for information how to check-in/out, read this article.

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1. How to activate check-in/out

2. How to print the QR codes

3. Who can check-in on behalf of others

1. How to activate check-in/out

The check-in/out functionality requires users to check into their desks after their booking starts.

Check-in/out can be activated on a space group level. To do so, go to Settings → Space types → click on type → Groups → click on group → Check-in.

Enable the check-in/out functionality by activating the "Require check-in" option. Then, select the check-in strategy:

  • Simple (users will be required to check-in from the browser, Teams, or Mobile).
  • QR code (users will be required to scan a QR code with the YAROOMS Mobile application).
  • Geo-fenced (users will not be allowed to check in if they are outside the set radius in meters)

To successfully activate the geo-fenced check-in strategy, you must firstly set the location address in the system. To do so, go to Settings → Workplace → Edit selected location → General and fill in the “Address” field.

Set the grace period - the number of minutes until the reservation which was not confirmed by a check-in is canceled and space is released.

If no check-in was performed, a 9 AM space reservation with a 15-minute grace period will be canceled automatically at 9.15 AM.

Screenshot 2024-02-16 at 15.49.03

2. How to print the QR codes

To print the QR codes that can be added to bookable spaces, go to Settings → Workplace → click on the floor where the spaces are located → 🖨️ button.

Select spaces for which you want to print QR codes, and press on the "Print" icon in the bottom right corner. 

Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 23.46.28

If you are looking for more information about setting up space types and groups, read this article.

3. Who can check-in on behalf of others

The only users permitted to check in on behalf of others are:

  • Administrators & Supervisors:  They can perform this action for any user.
  • Location Managers: They can check in on behalf of any user, but only for bookings within their managed location.
  • User Group Managers: They can check in for any user within the group they manage.
  • Direct Managers: They can only check in for the user to whom they are assigned.