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How to book a space

This article explains how to book a desk, meeting room or other types of spaces via the booking wizard.

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1. How to book a space using the map view 

2. How to book a space using the timeline view

3. How to book a space using the "Find a space" option

4. How to book a space using the Calendar view

5. Recurrent bookings

6. Incognito bookings

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If you are a super-user looking for information about managing bookings on behalf of someone else, click here.

1. How to book a space using the map view

Booking via the map view (Workplace → Map) is the best option for users who want to reserve a space in a specific area of the office.

To book a desk, workstation, or a parking space straight from the map, select the available space (green circle) and press “Book now”.

Screenshot 2021-05-17 at 16.34.34

Then, select your booking date(s) by pressing on them. You can use either daily or calendar view:

Screenshot 2021-12-24 at 13.10.38< Daily view Screenshot 2021-12-24 at 13.10.55< Calendar view

Define your booking timeframe. If you want to reserve a space for a custom time period, use the “Other” option to adjust it. From the drop-down menu, select the time from the predefined intervals or enter your own. Press "Set".

Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 15.52.14

Finish by adding booking details (optional step, only if applicable) in the "Notes" field, event type, and press "Book now", and you're all set. The confirmation will be sent via email. You can check your booking at Workplace → My bookings.

What is an event type? Event types function like a color-coding system for different bookings (events). For example, blue for 1:1 meetings, green for team stand-ups, and red for conferences. It's a straightforward way to keep your organization's schedule clear and visually coordinated.

If you select the event type while booking a space, a corresponding color will be assigned to your booking in the timeline view, just like this:

Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 14.59.48

2. How to book a space using the timeline view

Booking via the timeline view (Workplace → Timeline) is the best option for users who want an instant overview of spaces' availability by hour.

To make a booking via the timeline view, press any empty time slot in the row of your desired available space:

Space is available for booking

You will be directed to the date selector. Proceed by following the same steps as in booking via the map view. The booking will be confirmed via email.

3. How to book a space using "Find a space" option

Booking via the "Find a space" option (Workplace → Find a space) is the best choice for users who have complex requirements such as multiple spaces, specific amenities or the interval of availability. 

If you are a user looking for more information about space search options, read this article.

To book a space, access the "Find a space" search and specify your requirements:

Screenshot 2021-05-17 at 17.51.12

The system will offer you a space that match your criteria. Proceed with the booking process, just as in Map or Timeline view.

As always, we will send you an email with the booking confirmation.

4. How to book a space using the calendar view

If you want to book a space using the Calendar view, go to Workplace → Calendar and press the + button which will appear when you hover on the selected day (if you are using the weekly or monthly calendar views) or your name (if you are using the daily view). Then, press "Book". Proceed with the booking process, just as in the Map or Timeline view.

We will send you an email with booking confirmation. The booking will also appear on your Calendar.

The Calendar View is the only one that allows the booking of multiple spaces for various users in a single step. For further details on this, please refer to this article.

5. How to create a recurrent booking

To do it, simply activate the "Repeat" field below the date selector. You will be requested to describe the recurrence settings (repeats every X day; week; month by day; month by week day), and its end time (at a specific date or after a number of occurrences). 

The number of occurrences is limited to 52.

Screenshot 2021-12-24 at 13.32.22

You can define unique timeframes for each recurrent booking. For example, one booking can be made for a full day, another - for morning only.

If the space you are booking is unavailable on the recurrent day / booking is disabled on the recurrent day, the recurrence won't be saved.

Screenshot 2021-12-29 at 14.09.21

6. Private bookings

Private bookings hide several information of the booking - their details (booker's name and profile image, meeting title, etc.) are not visible to other users (except Administrators, Supervisors, and Location Managers).

To make a private booking, simply activate the "Private booking" toggle when booking a space:

Screenshot 2024-05-03 at 3.57.51 PM

Take note that Private Booking is a feature that must be enabled by your Administrators for a specific space type. If you do not see this feature available, it indicates that your Administrators have disabled your chosen space's ability to make Private bookings.