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How to activate the Visitor Management System

This article explains how to activate the Visitor Management System and provides information about Visitor Management access rights.

1. How to activate the Visitor Management system

To begin using the Visitor Management System in a location, go to Visitor Management Settings [click on the name of a location] Active: YES

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Configure the other settings:

Send QR code: if set to "Yes", Yarooms will send a QR code to visitors, which they should scan at the reception to check in.

Auto pre-registration for bookings: When you turn on (set to "Yes") this feature and choose specific types of spaces, anyone involved in meetings held in those spaces will automatically be added to the Visitor Management dashboard.

Pre-registration by inviting visitors@yarooms.com from your calendar: setting this to "Yes" allows everyone to pre-register guests for a meeting directly from their calendars. It automatically adds visitor details to the Visitor Management (VM) dashboard.

If you don’t see the Visitor Management module, the functionality might not be activated for your account. Talk to your onboarding manager to get started.

2. Visitor Management access rights

It is possible to give custom Visitor Management module access to users in your organization.

You can:

  • Provide just the list view of the Visitor Management dashboard and address book.
  • Allow users to manage visitors and visits (add, edit, or delete contacts from the address book or visits from the dashboard).

For more information about module access rights, read this article.