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Visitor Management Dashboard and Address book

This article provides an overview of the Visitor Management Dashboard and the Address book

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1. Visitor Management Dashboard

How to customize your Visitor Management Dashboard

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1. Visitor Management Dashboard

Visitor Management dashboard (Visitor Management → Dashboard) is a list of visits by day. You can see past or future visits by navigating the calendar on top of the dashboard.

Administrators have access to Visitor Management dashboards for all company locations (utilize the location selector in the top right corner for navigation).

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Reception staff (using the YAROOMS Reception app), generally have access only to the dashboard of their respective location.

There are three ways in which visitors can appear in the dashboard:

  1. By being manually registered by the reception staffs.
  2. By automatically being invited to a meeting/booking (this option is available from the VM settings page: Visitor Management → Settings → Auto pre-registration for bookings)
  3. By inviting visitors@yarooms.com as an attendee to a meeting, to process all participants as new visitors (this option is available from the VM settings page: Visitor Management → Settings → Pre-registration by inviting visitors@yarooms.com from your calendar)

🔆 How to customize your visitor management dashboard

The visitor management dashboard can display the following visitor information:

  • Name (the name of the visitor)
  • Status (the status of his visit on that day)

Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 15.42.56

  • Type (mention if the person is an actual visitor/external or one of your employees)
  • Phone number (the phone number of the visitor)
  • Job title (the visitor's professional position or role title)
  • Host (the person who booked the event / the inviter)
  • Email (the email of the visitor)
  • Company (the company that the visitor works for)
  • Bookings (highlighted logo of the type of booking they are attending)
  • Check-in time (the exact time the visitor checked-in to their meeting)
  • Check-out time (the exact time the visitor check-out of their meeting)
  • Car plate number (the visitor's car plate number)

If you want to add the details or remove them from your dashboard, click the “Edit columns” button in the top right corner.

Screenshot 2023-12-18 at 12.43.30

2. Address book

The Address book is a company-wide contact database. Here, reception staff can add data of employees or visitors.

To add a new contact, just go to Visitor Management → Address book → Add contact, fill in the details and save.

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