Setting up check-in questionnaires

The article explains how to set up a check-in questionnaire which employees will need to answer while checking in to the booked space.

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1. What is check-in questionnaire

2. How to create a check-in questionnaire

1. What is check-in questionnaire

The check-in questionnaire allows screening health status or other important workplace aspects. It is not sent to users before the reservation. The users must answer its questions while checking into the space they booked. 

If you are an Administrator looking for information about compliance questionnaire (sent to users before their reservation), read this article.

2. How to create a check-in questionnaire

To create a check-in questionnaire, go to Settings → Integrations → Questionnaire → Add, and complete the setup process:


Use the "Details" tab to name and describe the questionnaire.

Select "Check-in questionnaire" in the "Type" field.

If selected “Active”, the questionnaire will be shown to users when they are checking into the space they booked. 

An active "Reject non-compliant” option will make the system reject answers that are not compliant to your requirements.

If "Cancel bookings" option is activated, the system will instantly cancel bookings of users who failed the quiz. The option can be activated only if the "Reject non-compliant" field is active as well.

Active "Notify location managers" and "Notify user group managers" settings will send a notification to location managers and/or user group managers when the questionnaire fails (the user answers are not compliant).

Screenshot 2021-10-14 at 11.41.43


Use the "Questions" tab to add your questions. Define the answer type (Yes/No or Free text) for each of them.

Correct answers can be established only for the Yes/No type of questions.

Mark the “Required” field to make the question mandatory to answer.

Screenshot 2021-10-14 at 11.43.18


Use the “Targeting” tab to select in which locations the check-in questionnaire will be used.

Screenshot 2021-10-14 at 11.44.48


Use the “Messages” tab to inform users whether they completed the questionnaire successfully and include further recommendations.

Screenshot 2021-10-14 at 11.46.01